July 2013

Hello everyone! This weekend, July 13-14 is the Los Altos Art and Wine Festival. This is usually our busiest show of the year, and in preparation I have a bunch of new dolls, including furry monsters for under the bed, and a couple of gorgeous new Red Riding Hoods whose grandma’s look like nobility. My good camera went travelling with a friend for the past few weeks, so I don’t have any pictures — you really don’t want my phone photos. You’ll just need to come to the show and see them all yourselves. 🙂

I’ll be in space #305, which is on the north side of State Street, near Third Street, in lovely Downtown Los Altos. I’m usually set up pretty early, so if you want to beat the heat and the crowds, and get first pick of the dolls and stuffed animals, then feel free to come any time after 9 am. Officially, the show runs from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Oh, and don’t forget to bring your own bags this year, as Los Altos has a new bag ordinance and I need to charge 10 cents if I give you one.

For those of you looking for new hospital stories, never fear, the hospital is still as busy as ever! I’ve had several patients come with friends to keep them company during their stay, bears and cloth dolls, and one patient even brought a book to read. Most have gone home, another goes home tomorrow, and I have a Rumple Bear with two friends and a very old little Raggedy Ann undergoing treatment at the moment. A Half Pint doll just arrived by FedEx, as well. I’ve done a bit of modification on the hospital pages, they now match the rest of the site design-wise. Also, I’ve shifted most of the happy comments from patients and their people to a new page here. They were making the hospital home page so long that the search engines got cranky! Anyway, I hope you all enjoy them, I’ll get new photos of patients and dolls out later this month, and please do try to visit me in Los Altos, either at the Art and Wine Festival or by appointment at the studio.