Cloth Doll and Stuffed Animal Hospital

Our motto is first do no harm, just like a medical doctor.  We are a member in good standing of the Doll Doctor Association. We provide quick estimates and won’t start any repairs to your beloved cloth doll or stuffed animal without your pre-approval.  We also send progress reports with photos of your doll or stuffed animal upon request, which our younger doll parents have found particularly helpful!

Please check out this great blog post from Daisy describing her stuffed animal Lamby’s trip to and experience at our hospital!


Please call us at 650-996-2280 or e-mail us at for a free repair estimate.

We send estimates within 48 hours of receiving a request. If you do not hear from us in that time, please call, because one of the emails (ours or yours) is lost somewhere in cyberspace!

Click on the Raggedy Ann or Flor to check out some of our former cloth doll patients, pre and post rejuvenation.

Click on the teddy bear or Snoopy to check out some of our former stuffed animal patients, pre and post rejuvenation.

Want more information about the hospital? Or want to see even more before and after photos?
My hospital blog shows the transformations and various surgeries that my patients undergo, as well as some of the funny stories from the hospital. Check it out at or follow the hospital blog link in the menu.

Kind words from our cloth doll and stuffed animal patients and their families:

I am constantly taking care of patients and getting happy feedback from patients and their families… but I’m not as fast at updating my web site as I am at sewing, so if you don’t see any comments for a while, don’t be worried…. it’s just because I’m busy sewing! Beth

“He looks incredible and I really can’t thank you enough for the time and care you put in to fixing him up. ” Paulie Bear’s person in NY, December 2021

“Thank you! I couldn’t be happier! The whole process (from initially emailing to getting Mimi back home) was smooth, easy, and professional. And I loved getting the picture updates :). Your care for what you do and the stuffed animals you repair is so obvious! I’m so happy I found your service; thank you!!” Mimi the stuffed dog’s person in VA, December 2021

“I just got Beary out of his box, and he looks brand new. I love him so much. Thank you performing literal magic on him, I am forever grateful <3 ” Beary the teddy bear’s person in WV, December 2021

“He is home! And he looks so good, I can’t believe it. I couldn’t put him down for the whole night, I was so happy. He is now reunited with his best friends, and seems very pleased with his adventures! Thank you so much!” Ulrik the sheep’s person in Sweden, November 2021

“Beth, we cannot put into words how thankful we are for you and your incredible skill. After our son’s beloved stuffy, Bark, was chewed up by our new puppy, we weren’t sure if he was beyond repair. Bark is a treasured stuffy that holds irreplaceable sentiment and lots of memories. You restored Bark to more than his former glory. We all cried happy tears when we got Bark back in the mail. What you do is incredibly unique and special. Thank you for your patience, craftsmanship and true desire to help stuffies and their families.” Bark the stuffed puppy’s family in CO, November 2021
” i just wanted to let you know that my alligator arrived back home safe and sound a week ago and he’s absolutely perfect!!!! i’m amazed at how much better he looks and how much more life he has! you did a perfect job fixing him up and i couldn’t be happier!!! thank you so so so much for everything; i will definitely be recommending your stuffed animal hospital, and if my alligator or any of my other plushies need some help i will be certain to come back to you! once again, thank you so so so very much for everything!!! you did a perfect job and i’m super duper happy; thank you so much!!!!!! 😀 <3″ The alligator’s person in FL, November 2021
“Wanted to give a shout out to an amazing business called Realms of Gold Inc. in Los Altos, CA. They are a cloth doll and stuffed animal hospital that are top notch. My wife’s doll, Mary, was made by her mother for her when my wife was 5 years old. Unfortunately, our new pup “found” her and played too rough with her and caused extensive damage. Beth at Realms of Gold took her and made her better. We couldn’t find anyone local here in OC but glad to have found Beth. I know this is only applicable to a select few, but if you ever need this service they are the best!!” Mary the cloth doll’s family in CA, October 2021
“Thank you so much for your sensitivity to M’s desires. I’d expect some wouldn’t want to have their name associated with a project that still looked so worn afterwards. Your willingness to give M exactly what she wanted, odd as it may seem, was priceless. Sending Fave off to an unguaranteed outcome was very stressful for me. You hit just the right balance. I’d gladly recommend you to anyone.” Fave the monkey’s family in WA, October 2021

“I just wanted to tell you I finally got Lotus back and I am so happy with him!” Lotus the dog’s person in TX, October 2021
“Thank you so much, he arrived and i couldn’t be more happy with him!! he looks so fresh and rejuvenated. can’t thank you enough for all you did” Bunny’s person in FL, September 2021

“Awesome, thank you so much, Beth. I truly appreciate you and will always use and recommend your services! It has been a pleasure working with you and you have restored a piece of my childhood! I forever grateful! I excited about our next adventure together and the many more to come! ” Milo’s person in SC, September 2021

“Hi Dr Beth! I just wanted to let you know that I just received Brownie. He looks FABULOUS! Thank you SO MUCH for the wonderful care you gave him!” Brownie the teddy bear’s person in MO, September 2021

“He’s just arrived safe and sound! My daughter was so excited to see him again, and so am I! He looks relaxed, happy, and ready to continue being loved! Thanks again for all your help, and for your dedication to helping each patient look their best!” Monkey’s family in OK, September 2021

I just got him and oh my god he looks amazing thank you so much!!!!!!! I sent pics of him to my sisters and parents and they were like, COMPLETELY amazed at how good he looks, like wowSeriously, thank you so so so much”  Mr. Bear’s person in TX, August 2021

“We received Raggedy Ann and she is beautiful. I waited for my granddaughter to open the box and she was so excited to see her. She looks spectacular. The photos didn’t do your work justice. I am extremely pleased.” Raggedy Ann’s person in MN, August 2021

“Raggedy Ann arrived and she looks fabulous! You did a really fantastic job bringing her back to life and I’ll be handing her back to her mom in a couple weeks when we celebrate my wife’s birthday. Thank you so much again for everything!” Another Raggedy Ann’s family in MD, August 2021

“I just got them and they’re amazing! I can’t believe how clean Theodore came and hugging Rufus is so much nicer now that he’s soft. They’re back with the rest of the menagerie. Thank you again!” Theodore and Rufus’ person in CA, July 2021

“He’s home now! Thank you again! I can’t express how happy this experience has made me. I didn’t know just how sentimental Brownie was, just sitting on my headboard.I received him at age 5 and just celebrated my 37th birthday. He needed the TLC No one ever grows out of your favorite stuffed companion~” Brownie the Teddy Bear’s person in MA, July 2021

“Thunder just arrived safely in Florida (just ahead of Hurricane Elsa! Perfect timing!) and he looks even better in person! He hasn’t been this firm and well stuffed since I was a little girl, and his new hooves are just wonderful. I’m so glad to have my favorite snuggle pillow back. Thank you so much.” Thunder the Horse’s person in FL, July 2021

“He’s perfect!!!! Thank you so much!!!” Bear’s person in OH, June 2021

“I got Bunny 🙂 thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the immense work that you’ve done!!!!  He is super cute and really enjoying his new layers.You do really amazing work, thank you so much!” Bunny’s person in CA, June 2021

“They’re home and looking even better than the pics! They feel great too, sturdy enough for little ones to play with. Thank you again for restoring memories and joy for years to come. ” Tigger, Eeyore and Pooh’s family in OR, June 2021

“HE’S HOME!! Oh goodness, I just had the worst day at work and coming home to find him waiting for me and getting to hug him was exactly what I needed. He looks even better in person than in the photos!! So much healthier than he was before, and the new tail fabric is so soft!! Thank you so much for helping him!” Baby Charmander’s person in MI, May 2021

“Thanks to Realms of Gold, my 40 year old bear, Applesauce, arrived this morning, and he looks like a new bear – mended and clean and huggable. I am most grateful to Beth for her skill and care. ” Applesauce the teddy bear’s person in PA, May 2021

“Dirt has arrived safe and sound back home! He enjoyed his spa/hospital visit and has a brand new leash on life and a new tag for his collar with his name! Thank you so much again for everything.” Dirt the puppy’s person in CO, May 2021

“Thank you so so much! It’s wonderful to have him home. He looks and feels so fluffy, happy, and well rested. I’m thrilled and I know he was in the best hands. His repairs all look great and he’s exactly the right amount of snuggly. ” Mr. Bearly the puffalump’s person in DE, April 2021

“I just got Cody today! He’s so clean and I am very happy, thank you!!” Cody the puppy’s person in WI, April 2021

“He looks great! Showed my son a pic and he thought I bought a new bunny … 🙂 Thanks!” Patches the Bunny’s family in NY, April 2021

“Looking GORGEOUS!!!!! You have done an outstanding job with these two….beautifully mended and without losing their old ‘personalities’…. I can’t believe I waited 30 years to have them seen to…..but frankly am only too happy that I did wait….. and found Realms of Gold…..” White Elephant and Blue Bear’s person in MA, March 2021

“Thank you so much!! Thank you for being so communicative it defiantly made me more comfortable entrusting you with him. ”  Boppy the German Lamb’s person in MI, March 2021
“Thank you so so much Beth. This has been a wonderful experience for my friend and I and Pikabee has never looked better in my time seeing her.” Pikabe the Pikachu’s person in NY, March 2021
“I have received Puppy. He looks absolutely amazing – you can’t even tell that he used to have bald spots!! He is so clean and well put together. I cannot thank you enough for taking such good care of him. I am looking forward to giving him a lot of snuggles so he loses all his hospital weight!

Honestly, I cannot thank you enough for everything – he’s such an important touchstone for me, and the fact that you’ve done such good work on him is incredible. I appreciate you very much for all your help!!” Puppy’s person in GA, February 2021

“I just got Fluffy in, you did amazing work! Thank you so much for working on him, I’m very impressed with how seamlessly his patches blend in. I will definitely recommend you to anyone that needs their furry friends worked on as well.” Fluffy the bunny’s person in CA, February 2021
” Your work is absolutely wonderful – she looks perfect and is holding up so beautifully. I showed her to my parents and they were beyond impressed. Apparently the colour and texture you found is almost exactly her original colour and texture. 🙂
Thank you, again, for taking such wonderful care of her and making her sturdy enough to withstand two preschoolers’ enthusiastic hugging!” Teddy’s family in CO, February 2021
“Ferdinand looks amazing – even better than the picture! Can’t believe you found the same exact eyes! Thank you so much, we are absolutely thrilled.” Ferdinand the Gibbon’s family in TX, January 2021

“Raja arrived this morning!  He looks great!  Thank you so much for your work on him.  I would definitely recommend your service if you ever need referrals for anyone.” Raja the stuffed Tiger’s family in NJ, January 2021

“Dude the repairs are literally not even visible. Really great work. N is pleased as punch! Thank you!!” Cabella the deer’s family in CT, January 2021

“Teddy arrived safe and sound several days ago. I am truly amazed that you were able to put him back together again. If you were around in Humpty Dumpty’s day, the nursery rhyme would have ended differently!” Suzy in California


The hospital has been in business since 2006, and we have had kind words since then too!  Please click here for kind words from previous years from our former stuffed animal and doll patients and their people (and more before and after photos)!


The kind words continue in the blogosphere as well: 

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