Cloth Doll and Stuffed Animal Hospital

Our motto is first do no harm, just like a medical doctor.  We are a member in good standing of the Doll Doctor Association. We provide quick estimates and won’t start any repairs to your beloved cloth doll or stuffed animal without your pre-approval.  We also send progress reports with photos of your doll or stuffed animal upon request, which our younger doll parents have found particularly helpful!

Please check out this great blog post from Daisy describing her stuffed animal Lamby’s trip to and experience at our hospital!


Please call us at 650-996-2280 or e-mail us at for a free repair estimate.

We send estimates within 48 hours of receiving a request. If you do not hear from us in that time, please call, because one of the emails (ours or yours) is lost somewhere in cyberspace!

Click on the Raggedy Ann or Flor to check out some of our former cloth doll patients, pre and post rejuvenation.

Click on the teddy bear or Snoopy to check out some of our former stuffed animal patients, pre and post rejuvenation.

Want more information about the hospital? Or want to see even more before and after photos?
My hospital blog shows the transformations and various surgeries that my patients undergo, as well as some of the funny stories from the hospital. Check it out at or follow the hospital blog link in the menu.


Kind words from our cloth doll and stuffed animal patients and their families:

I am constantly taking care of patients and getting happy feedback from patients and their families… but I’m not as fast at updating my web site as I am at sewing, so if you don’t see any comments for a while, don’t be worried…. it’s just because I’m busy sewing! Beth

“OH MY!!!  I can’t believe this!!, he looks amazing. Yes, the slouch is fine, that’s what he used to look like. I’m actually crying. Cannot wait for her to see this! Thank you again.” Bear the teddy bear’s person in SC, February 2023

“Mr. Reindeer made it home. He looks great.  Thanks again!”  Mr. Reindeer’s family in NC, February 2023
“Lion arrived today and he looks absolutely beautiful!  Thank you so much for all your work!
I have him on display proudly on my shelf” Lion the stuffed animal’s person in NY, January 2023

“Patrick arrived safely! Thanks again so much for your work, he’s in great shape now… I’ll be sure to recommend you when I can!” Patrick the dog’s family in CA, January 2023

“He made it!! He looks amazing and we are so glad to have him home!” Eeyore’s family in WA, January 2023

“I am beyond amazed by not only your amazing work on Allie and the dog but with how fast it reached me and how secure the package was. I was like a kid on Christmas morning this morning when my husband came in with a box from you. I was not excepting a return for another week.

I just want to say… Allie looks amazing!!! I never imagined just how refreshed she would look with a gleam in her eyes. I was worried that the love of 42 years would fade to something new and that did not happen. Allie looks still loved but yet very refreshed. She has the perfect amount of stuffing and is reinforced in all of the right places. The fur…. I can not say enough how amazing it looks.

Moving to the dog… my daughter was also very impressed to see a face where there was not any, thanks to our loving dog who was naughty for chewing the brand new dog up.

You definitely have my business in the future if we should ever need your incredible services. I will also be sharing out to others as well.

Thank you again for your very caring and immaculate care of out of our lovies.” Allie (the stuffed cat) and the stuffed dog’s family in PA, December 2022

“He looks and feels amazing!!!!!! Thank you so much for everything I truely appreciate it 🙂 🙂 :)” Ziggy the stuffed dinosaur’s person in NY, December 2022

“Beth at Realms of Gold did an amazing job bringing back to life my daughter’s longtime favorite stuffed animal—Rosie the lion.  After years of daily use, Rosie had become quite dirty, her hair had become matted, and she had become quite floppy due to flattened stuffing.  Beth cleaned Rosie, unmatted her hair and gave her new stuffing—in other words, a new life!  One of the best parts of our experience was receiving the “in process” photographs of Rosie in her “spa” and getting stuffed. My daughter was so happy to receive these photos and to experience the cleaning process along with Rosie. Beth also sent pictures of the creation and insertion of Rosie’s new “heart,” which was stuffed with a little bit of Rosie’s old stuffing.  The process of sending and receiving Rosie to Beth’s location was also super simple.  Thank you, Beth, for cleaning Rosie and for making the process so fun!” Rosie the stuffed lion’s family in IL, December 2022

“She has arrived! And she is wonderful! Thank you again, Beth!” Raggedy Ann’s person in PA, December 2022

“I just wanted you to know that Cassie has made it home safe and sound! I was so happy with your work! Her chest is so soft!! Thank you so much for taking care of her. She arrived on a day when I really needed a cuddle. A thousand times thank you. You are very talented and I’m so glad I reached out to you!” Cassie the stuffed kitten’s person in TN, December 2022

“I just wanted to say how happy I am with the restoration work you did for my doll. She arrived today. All the tiny stitching, washing, and stuffing. It came out so good!! I think my grandmother who first sewed her would be pleased. And she smells much better. I can’t wait to show my mother. ” Raggedy Ann’s family in Washington, November 2022

“I’m really glad I left her well being to a professional. I understand Puffalumps are really difficult to repair. I really appreciate all your updates and check-ins throughout the process. You did a wonderful job. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I am so glad to have her back.” Fluffalump the puffalump’s person in FL, November 2022

Oh my goodness!!  He is perfect!!!!  Your work is amazing!!” Cimber the teddy bear’s person in North Yorkshire, United Kingdom, Novemeber 2022

“He is home!!!! I am sooooo soo happy! Thank you for taking such great care of my boy.” Tristan the 27 year old teddy bear’s person in CO, November 2022

“Rabbit is home!! Thank you so, so much!! He looks amazing, he’s soooo soft and cuddly, I can’t wait to spend many many more years with my darling angel rabbit! I cannot thank you enough Doctor, you’re truly an angel!! I’m so blessed to have found you and your lovely hospital!! My mom and I can’t stop gushing over how soft and cuddly Rabbit is, he’s like brand new! I’ll continue to treasure him for the rest of my life with your help.” Rabbit’s person in FL, November 2022

“Many thanks for how you have healed Bader. A. let out a BIG squeal of excitement when she saw him, and has not set him down since. Thanks for making this important elephant healthy again! ” Bader the stuffed elephant’s family in CA, October 2022

“I am crying!!!! He looks so amazing I can’t even believe it. You have made my heart so full!” Leo the stuffed lion’s person in TX, October 2022

“He looks wonderful!!! You don’t know how happy this makes me – thank you so much!” Snuffles the Gund teddy bear’s person in CA, October 2022

“She looks so wonderful!!!! Thank you so much!” Tiger’s person in CO, October 2022

“Kevin is home! He looks fantastic, thank you so much for taking care of him!! I hope he will have many more years of adventures before he needs care again. ” Kevin the stuffed dog’s family in NC, October 2022

“He’s HERE! Thank you so so much. He’s very well done and I appreciate you keeping his nose flat for me, lol. It makes him look like mine. You’ve done a beautiful job, and I’m really thrilled with him. ” Teddy’s person in TN, October 2022

“Pikachu arrived today, thank you so much! I’m in awe at how much better he looks and I adore the new cheeks! It feels so good to hug him again. I can’t thank you enough for repairing such a beloved toy. Many many thanks and in definitely recommending you to anyone who may need fixes!” Pikachu’s person in KY, September 2022

“Bunny looks amazing, THANK YOU!!!” Bunny’s family in TN, September 2022

“Got him!!!! He’s perfect! Thanks!!!!!” Major Chippy the chipmunk’s person in FL, September 2022

“He arrived home safely yesterday and looks great. I gave him a BIG hug. Thank you so much!!!” An Elephant’s person in MD, September 2022

“Thank you again. God has blessed you with a unique talent to bring happiness to others.
I will certainly tell others about your business.” Magilla the monkey’s person in PA, August 2022

“When you have a beloved stuffed animal (or, in my case, a lovie named Bunny that I’ve had for almost 36 years!) in need of some repairs, you want someone to understand how special that object is to you. Beth understands completely and, from my first email exchange with her, I knew I could trust her with Bunny. Beth was extremely quick and responsive any time I had a question, she was able to diagnose what Bunny might need and offer lots of options for me to choose from, and the work she did was nothing short of extraordinary. When Bunny got home, he looked incredible! Beth was somehow able to fix all the holes and tears without making him look any different. The gift that Beth gave me is a guarantee of many more years with Bunny and that is truly priceless. I am so grateful to Beth and Realms of Gold!” Bunny’s person in CA, August 2022

“They’ve arrived safe and sound! Fluffy is so much less squished now and Huggy’s color and stitching look great! I’m absolutely delighted to have them back home looking so well, and so are their friends! Thank you so so much again for your work, if I ever need more repair work I know who to go to :]” Fluffy and Huggy (a bunny and a bear) and their person in MA, August 2022

“Thanks again for fixing up Beary. My son is delighted. He carried him around all afternoon and carefully tucked him into bed tonight. 🙂 Thank you!” Beary’s family in CA, August 2022

“He came today and he looks incredible… the amount you did manage to clean and fix is astounding. He looks better than we ever could have hoped. Thank you!” A teddy bear’s family in NC, August 2022

“Teddy arrived home today, and he looks wonderful! Years younger and ready for his next 20! Thanks you soooo much!” Teddy’s family in WA, August 2022

“Hi Beth…well I made it home – no trouble along the way. Me and C have been reacquainting
ourselves since this has been the longest amount of time we have ever had. She is currently holding me like she did when she was a little girl. Comfortable for both of us. Anyway, thanks for taking good care of me…I know I proved a bit of a challenge; however, know that all was appreciated! On behalf of both of us – take care, be happy.” Teddy (and his person), August 2022

“Received puppy back today and he looks great! Thanks again!!” Puppy’s family in MN, August 2022

“Thank you so much! This has been a great experience. I’m so happy we found you” Fluffy Stuffy the Unicorn’s family in PA, July 2022

“My Raggedy Ann arrived home today and she looks great, even better than the pictures! It felt so nice to hold her again. Now, I know who to recommend for any doll or stuffed animal repairs.” Raggedy Ann’s person in NJ, July 2022

“Thank you, Beth! You’re an angel to offer this service for people like me who want to hold onto their memories in teddy bear form. I appreciate your care and can’t wait to hold them again!!” Christine and JB the teddy bears’ family in CA, July 2022

“Thank you so much for healing her! She’s better than I ever could have hoped!” Turtle’s person in CA, July 2022

“Thank you so much for your care of Choppers. He looks wonderful and still feels like his old self— there’s just more to love!! I looked into a lot of stuffed animal spas/restoration and yours seemed like the most high quality and trustworthy option. It absolutely is. Let me know if there’s a place I can leave a review or tell others how amazing you are!! I’m so glad Choppers is in good shape for many years to come. Thanks again!!” Choppers the Panda Bear’s person in CA, June 2022

“Lambick arrived today and he’s just perfect!! Thank you so much for everything” Lambick the stuffed lamb’s person in OH, June 2022

“Received my beautiful Celeste just now. Thank you so much for restoring her” Celeste the elephant’s person in CA, June 2022

“Kitty made it home on Friday. She is perfect!!!!! Thank you so much!” Kitty’s family in MO, June 2022

“Winnie arrived yesterday and I was thrilled! He looks nearly the same as he did in 1963!
Thank you for your diligent and beautiful work! If I hear of anyone else needing such a service, I’ll be glad to send them your way.” Winnie the Pooh Bear’s person in OH, May 2022

“Thank you so, so much for giving him a second life! I’m forever grateful :)” Puffy the puffalump’s person in PA, May 2022

“Little Duckie is home safe and sound, and he looks FANTASTIC!! Thank you so much for rehabilitating my childhood friend!” Little Duckie’s person in TX, May 2022

“Just wanted to let you know that Big Dog was safely delivered to me today and he looks fantastic!  I wanted to thank you for all the hard work you put into him so I can enjoy him into my old age!” Big Dog’s person in MD, May 2022

“I got him!! I’m so happy, he’s so fluffy! Thank you for helping him out!” Puppy’s person in NJ, May 2022

“Thanks Beth, you have a unique and very special service. Keep up the good work and thanks for making it fun too not just a repair.” Santa and a Teddy Bear’s person in NM, May 2022

“he looks WONDERFUL! Thank you so much for your expert, considerate, and loving care of my little guy.” A teddy bear’s person in ID, May 2022

“You’re a magician. She looks incredible!!” Carolina the dalmatian’s person in FL, April 2022

“Cherry Bear arrived last night! Thank you so much! She is clean and chubby and fluffier! I appreciate the time and effort and care you put into her healing process. I will be sure to follow the advice on the after-visit summary and give her lots of hugs!” Cherry Bear’s person in CA, April 2022

“OMG Thank you so so so much for all of your hard work on my baby boy!!! He looks ten years younger LOL.. ” Tuxedo Sam’s person in CA, April 2022

“She arrived and she is perfect. Thank you so much!!!!! ” The stuffed hippo’s person in PA, April 2022

“My son’s had that Spiderman since he was three. He’s very appreciative that you were able to return him to maximum Spidermanness.” Spiderman’s family in CA, April 2022

“We’ve received Cubby! She looks great and is back living her “home life”” Cubby the lion’s family in IL, April 2022

“Thank you very much for getting “Big Mickey” back in shape. My son loves it! We will definitely use your hospital again when any of the animals in our house require help! I will also share the excellent work you did with anyone who has a stuffed animal in need of help.”  Mickey the Mouse’s family in WI, March 2022

“Thank you so much! I look forward to many, many years of adventure with Cathy, and will recommend you and your services to anyone I know. :)” Cathy the lamb’s person in OH, March 2022

“Thank you so much! When I showed him the photos of HJ he started to cry (and feelings are difficult for him to express). HJ is one of two things he has left from his parents who are both gone. Thank you so much for helping preserve his happy memories. You are the most amazing human. Thank you.” Hammie Joe the Pig’s family in PA, March 2022

“Thank you so much for your amazing work. G was overjoyed to have Kitty back after her hospital visit, she hasn’t set Kitty down since opening the box. She really liked the cat sticker on the box and the included patient chart, they were a nice personal touch.” Kitty’s family in CA, March 2022

“I can’t thank you enough for the work you’ve done on Hoppy – I appreciate your kindness and attention to detail so much.” Hoppy the bunny’s person in GA, March 2022

“Teddy arrived safe and sound several days ago. I am truly amazed that you were able to put him back together again. If you were around in Humpty Dumpty’s day, the nursery rhyme would have ended differently!” Suzy in California


The hospital has been in business since 2006, and we have had kind words since then too!  Please click here for kind words from previous years from our former stuffed animal and doll patients and their people (and more before and after photos)!


The kind words continue in the blogosphere as well: 

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