Cloth Doll and Stuffed Animal Hospital

Our motto is first do no harm, just like a medical doctor.  We are a member in good standing of the Doll Doctor Association. We provide quick estimates and won't start any repairs to your beloved cloth doll or stuffed animal without your pre-approval.  We also send progress reports with photos of your doll or stuffed animal upon request, which our younger doll parents have found particularly helpful!

Please check out this great blog post from Daisy describing her stuffed animal Lamby's trip to and experience at our hospital!


Please call us at 650-996-2280 or e-mail us at for a free repair estimate.

We send estimates within 48 hours of receiving a request. If you do not hear from us in that time, please call, because one of the emails (ours or yours) is lost somewhere in cyberspace!

Click on the Raggedy Ann or Flor to check out some of our former cloth doll patients, pre and post rejuvenation.

Click on the teddy bear or Snoopy to check out some of our former stuffed animal patients, pre and post rejuvenation.

Want more information about the hospital? Or want to see even more before and after photos?
My hospital blog shows the transformations and various surgeries that my patients undergo, as well as some of the funny stories from the hospital. Check it out at or follow the hospital blog link in the menu.


Kind words from our cloth doll and stuffed animal patients and their families:

“Kalvin arrived today. He looks so nice and clean and is so full!  Thanks so much for the great work! We will definitely recommend you if either of our nephews ever need their animals restuffed.” Kalvin the stuffed lion’s family in MO, December 2017

The Magic of Rags:

  “After your seeing and sewing and skill, Beth, your knowing and caring and love, you play a part of that magic, now, too. All along, you understood the importance of Rags. She and I put our trust in you. You delivered beautifully.  We thank you.  And we hope that you receive, in life, the goodness that you give!”  Rags the life sized Raggedy Ann’s person in FL, December 2017

“Teddy is here and his Dad is so happy. Thanks for all the love and care.” Teddy’s family in TX, December 2017

“I have received Little Foot and he looks perfect.  Thank you so much! “ Little Foot the dinosaur’s family in IL, December 2017

“He looks wonderful!” Petie the 50 year old stuffed dog’s person in GA, December 2017

“Thank you so much! Chubs arrived safely chubby and happy. Thank you sooooo much for your time and care!” Chubs the teddy bear’s family in NH, December 2017

“My daughter jumped up and down of joy when she saw her refurbished fella.  I have copied her on this email.  Again, thank you for such great service” Ducky’s family in FL, December 2017

“Lion just arrived home! He looks great! You do amazing work!! I'd recommend you to anyone. Thank you so much!!” Lion’s family in MI, December 2017

“I got Ralph in the mail yesterday and he looks wonderful.  Thank you for fixing my little friend.  :)” Ralph the stuffed dog’s person in MN, December 2017

“The frog has landed!  And he’s good as new!  Thanks so much!” Frogelio the stuffed frog’s person in TX, November 2017

“Thanks for your help! He is finally home, nice and healthy:)”  The Sheep’s person in CA, November 2017

“Pip has arrived safe and sound!!!  My son is so very happy!!  Thank you again for mending Pip!  We appreciate you so much!!!” Pip the stuffed Corgi’s family in DE, November 2017

"I wouldn’t have trusted him to anyone else; I appreciate how much you “get it” with how these little guys become family." Buddy the stuffed penguin's person in IL, November 2017

“Foxy made it safe and sound back to San Diego. He’s looking real strong and he’s extra huggable (: that hospital stuffing diet has done wonders for him. Thanks again!!” Foxy’s person, November 2017

“Big Bear and Little Bear just arrived in their “first class sleeping compartment.” They look fabulous; I know this, because they keep telling me so. I also think they look fabulous.” Two Teddy Bears’ person in British Columbia, Canada, November 2017

“Peppermint got home last night. He looks awesome. Thank you so much! The kids will be thrilled that he's back and fixed. Thank you!!” Peppermint the Penguin’s family in PA, November 2017

“We received Pink Bear tonight. Thank you so much!  We have one very happy girl and she looks much better. ” Pink Bear’s family in VA, November 2017

“ Dragon looks unbelievable!   You did a wonderful job repairing him, and I love how your ideas worked out.  I cannot express in words how pleased I am.  Thanks for bringing a part of my past back to life!  Only the best for you and your business in the future.” Dragon’s family in CA, November  2017

Sparky is home safe and sound, and he looks amazing! Thank you again!” Sparky the stuffed dog’s family in NJ, November 2017

“The animals arrived safe and so healthy!  Thank you!!!” Muttsy and Snuffles family in TX, October 2017 – Muttsy and Snuffles came to the hospital after surviving Hurricane Harvey!

Sparky is home safe and sound, and he looks amazing! Thank you again!” Sparky the stuffed dog’s family in NJ, November 2017

Brown bear is happily reunited with his 40+ year old childhood friend Nicolino (an ancestor of the teletubbies). Being a globe trotter and world citizen he enjoyed spending time at the hospital with other stuffed animals from around the world. Since he came back he has been raving about the spa and is trying to convince Nicolino to get one in the near future! Thank you again for your loving care!” Brown Bear’s person in CA, October 2017 – That’s Brown Bear at home with Nicolina below

“He’s a new horse!! That looks fantastic! :D” Horsey’s person in CA, October 2017

“Sanny made it home a couple hours ago and hubby just got home He's on cloud 9!”  Sanny the teddy  bear’s family in AZ, October 2017

seeing him in better shape with a actual  nose reattached definitely lifted up my spirits… truly grateful for people like you around.” Baby Bear’s person in CA, October 2017

I got cupcake! Thank you so much for putting up with my crazy and helping me! You have no idea how much this means to me and you really are such a special person.” Cupcake the stuffed dog’s person in IN, October 2017

“Doggy arrived safely today. She's so excited and happy he's back. He looks great. Thank you again so much!” Doggy’s family in PA, October 2017

“Humphrey is home! Wow he looks great!! You did such a good job thank you so much, I'm so happy to have him back <3” Humphrey the camel’s person in WA, October 2017

"My husband had fond memories of dressing Bear up in his pajamas, and once we got him out of the box and into his PJs it was like the clock had been turned back 35 years. WOW, California plastic surgery really is everything it's cracked up to be! You did a fantastic job, thank you so much. Can't wait to share him with the next generation. " Bear's family in NY, October 2017

" I opened the package right in the lobby and teared up when I saw him. He's so handsome! I missed him so much, and I'm glad he's back and better than ever!! Thank you thank you thank you! " Barney Bearson the teddy bear's person in Indiana, October 2017

"There is little doubt that your mastery for fixing, repairing, rejuvenating, and mending dolls and stuffed animals is worthy of the title of  "doctor."  Your care and craftsmanship for your art is amazing, and your ability to bring smiles to people's faces is not only inspiring, but truly heartening. Keep doing what you're doing, Doc-- you certainly have a special gift. " Patricia the cloth doll's family in MA, October 2017

"SHE LOOKS WONDERFUL AND SHES SO SOFT!!! THANK YOU!!! The little patient chart sheet you included was adorable as well.  I haven't seen her that clean or soft  in years." Misses Kluddles the Bunny's person in DE, September 2017

"She looks really good! Thank you so very much!"  Molly the doll's person in CA, September 2017

"He arrived! He looks great - just like his ol' self but a little spruced up! Perfect. Loved the Patient Chart too. Thanks for taking care of him" Bushy the Bear's person in CA, September 2017

"She's so happy! Thank you very, very much. We are happy to have Barkley home. You did a wonderful job. " Barkley the dog's family in NC, September 2017

"The repair looks great! M even thought he looked brand new again 🙂 Thanks again, and we will be in touch if another fuzzy family member ever needs some professional attention!" Miguel the Monkey's family in Washington, September 2017

"Thanks again for the spa and skin graft. The Boy noticed I also put on some weight, which means I can sit up straighter now. I hope all of your other spa guests are doing well. Feel free to tell others about my visit!  I really loved my bath!" Chubby the cow (and her family) in TX, September 2017

"Thanks so much. We're all delighted!!" Aslan the Lion's family in MI, September 2017

"Turned out great! My daughter is very happy. Thank you so much Beth " The Husky's family in CT, September 2017
"Popo is home safe and sound and looks great! Thanks so much!" Popo the Polar Bear's family in OR, September 2017

"My wife says he looks like his old self. he is perfect!"  Frosty the polar bear's family in CA, September 2017

"Thank you so much - she feels so full and I'm so happy that her neck is fixed! You do amazing work. It's much appreciated." Lambi's person in DC, September 2017

"Thank you so much, he's beautiful and he looks very closely to how I remember him, thank you!!" The Billy Goat's person in CA, September 2017

"Oh my goodness Beth!  You did such an AMAZING job!  He looks great! " Baby Bear's family in CA, September 2017

"Thank you for everything that you did. He looks wonderful and we are thrilled.  You did such amazing work and we can’t thank you enough." Teddy's family in TX, September 2017

"Thank you so much for your amazing work and tender care with my boys. It was certainly a pleasure doing business with you." Braer de Rabbit and Jean Claudette (the pig)'s family in VT, September 2017

"She arrived home on Saturday happy to be home. I'm happy how well she looks now. I only wish I did it sooner. Even her cub Leon is amazed. Thank you for all that you did." Zena the Leopard's family in NC, August 2017

"He is here and absolutely more amazing than I could have imagined. " Zebra's family in PA, August 2017

"I have him back safe and sound and perfect! Thank you so very !" Pete Pete the teddy bear's person in FL, August 2017

"Brownie received and looks awesome! " Brownie the Monkey's family in CA, August 2017

"Guess what!!  He's home and he's perfect!!  His new little bow tie is amazing, and he's just the right amount of squishy.  Thank you so much -- you're clearly a sorceress!" Blue Bear's Person in NY, August 2017

"Received my bear today. He looks so much better. This tears were of joy not sadness. Thank you so much. I can not tell you haw this has made my day. Please take care and have a nice day. You can do wonders!!!!!" Teddy's person in IL, August 2017

"Lucy in good care and I am very thankful for your services. This is the best she's looked in 20 years!  Honestly thank you so much for taking care of her and making sure she got home safe." Lucy the teddy bear's person in Canada, August 2017

"I wanted to thank you so very much for fixing Blueberry. He looks great and my daughter loves him. You did a terrific job and I can tell you definitely have a talent for this type of work. Thanks so much for all of your love and care with Blueberry. " Blueberry's family in NY, August 2017

"Okay thanks so much!   I literally felt like we suffered a tragedy when the dog got her, but I am so glad we found you! " Lambie's family in TX, August 2017

"Looks and sounds fabulous Beth! We approve and are very thankful for all of your help." Mickey the Baseball Mouse's family in PA, August 2017

"My bear was waiting for me when I got home today, and I couldn't have been happier. I'm sure he was a difficult patient to treat given all the injuries he had, but it is simply amazing to see how well he has recovered thanks to your care. Thank you so much for all the careful work you put in for his recovery." The Teddy Bear's person in CA, August 2017

"BLANCA IS HOME AND SHES SO BEAUTIFUL I couldn't help but cry when i held her shes perfect. I cant believe the amazing work you did. Words cant explain how much I appreciate you helping my moose. Thank you so so so much Beth! <3" Blanca the pink Moose's person in CA, August 2017

"Got her and she looks amazing!  If I come down, can you make me look younger and refreshed too? :)" Minnie's family in CA August 2017  p.s the answer to the question is sorry, but no... I only work on stuffed animals and dolls, no humans!

"You have been wonderful to work with and did an amazing job restoring Fuzzy. " Fuzzy the teddy bear's family in SC, August 2017

"Hoppy is here safe and sound and looks good as new! Thank you again!!" Hoppy the Kangaroo's family in OK, August 2017

"She looks awesome!  I don't know how you did it, but you are extremely talented and we are so fortunate that you gave Lion a little more time with us." Lion's family in OR, August 2017

"THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!  Ellie looks great and C. is so happy!! You are truly a blessing to many with what you do."  Ellie the Elephant's family in AZ, July 2017

"I am so thrilled and happy with the work that you did!Thank you so much!" Snoopy's person in TX, July 2017

"Thank you for taking her care so seriously and exceeding our expectations on treatment time! " Valentine the teddy bear's person in NJ, July 2017

"Big Bear found his way home yesterday and honestly I have to say I'm blown away. He looks beyond amazing and from what I can remember exactly as he did when I was little... From the bottom of my heart, Big Bear's new one, and my inner child, thank you thank you thank you so much. I wish you nothing but the best. " Big Bear's person in NJ, July 2017

"Beth, he looks wonderful!! My son, Dylan, is so excited! He loved hearing your emails and seeing these pictures. You did a beautiful job. Thank you so very much!! Hedgie is D's most precious stuffed animal and we are thrilled with his new appearance...We would highly recommend you to any of our friends! " Hedgie the Hedgehog's family in NY, July 2017

"He's here, he's here!!!!! He looks SO handsome! I sent a picture to my mom, and she said he looks just like he did when I got him in kindergarten! You have done such beautiful work and taken 20 years off him -- I can't thank you enough!!! We are having California-style tacos to celebrate his homecoming to Virginia from the west coast 🙂 with shrimp from the barbee 😉  Thank you again!!!" Koala's family in VA, July 2017

"Thank you so so much. He looks wonderful! " Snuggles the Bear's person in KS, July 2017

"Just wanted to say thanks! Buddy looks so young and youthful again! And Buddy's so soft! You guys are awesome! Thanks again for taking care of Buddy!"  Buddy the Beagle's person in NV, July 2017

"Thank you Beth! You have been so kind and so good with Balto and Jenna. They look so beautiful now, like new again!" Balto and Jenna the Sled Dog's family in OH, July 2017

"He arrived and is absolutely perfect, you did a fantastic job!! Baby has been properly introduced and is loving his new toy" Curious George's family in CA, July 2017

"It's so incredibly comforting to have her back and looking exactly like I remember her. My husband graciously gave her a spot on the bed. I'm so happy with how she turned out. Thank you so, so much!!" Girl Bear's family in OH, July 2017

"Thanks again for your help, he looks just like new, and ready to keep me company through medical school! " Coyote's person in IL, July 2017

" Baby arrived home yesterday and that you did a fantastic job!!! I really appreciate the work you put into him and am very happy with how he turned out. I hope Baby can make it to the blog to show how skilled you are with caring for such a well loved friend. " Baby the Cat's family in TX, July 2017

"A million thank yous for taking such phenomenal care of my Mr. Snuggles! He is the happiest little piggy I have ever seen and I am so happy to see him so plump and clean."  Mr. Snuggles the pig's family in IL, July 2017

"He is buddy is finally whole again!!! " Neenee the bear's person in CA, June 2017

"Thanks SO MUCH!!! I'll be recommending you to anyone who ever needs a lovey repaired! " Lady's family in MD, June 2017

"thank you for taking such expert care of Kermit and returning him safely to his home. He loved the plane ride and wants to become a pilot instead of the lead truth teller and  a commentator for our time. I’ll make sure he writes." Kermit's family in CA, June 2017

"AMAZING!!!  Thank you so much!" Teddy's person in CA, June 2017

"Thank you so much Beth.  Pink Panther looks great. I will recommend you to everyone.  Thanks again." Pink Panther's person in RI, June 2017

"thanks for your beautiful work. She looks great!" Jasmine the Bunny's family in CA, June 2017

"He looks great.  Thank you so much!!!" Puffy the Duck's person in NC, June 2017

"He looked like his old self again. Thanks so much for the !" Bear's person in CA, June 2017

"Wally looked great!  Thank you again." Wally the Koala's person in GA, June 2017

"I will surely recommend your services to anyone that needs some repairs!!" Trixie's person in TN, June 2017

"Just wanted to thank you again for taking such good care of Tigger" Tigger's person in NC, June 2017

"thank you again so much for your work, it looks fantastic!"  Puffy the Puffalump Mouse's person in Germany, June 2017

"I received the sheep!! Omg they're so plump and clean. Thank you so much!!! I'm super satisfied with the results 🙂 thank you for taking such great care with them. It was totally worth it. Have a great rest of ur day!" The two stuffed sheep's person in CA, June 2017
"They look great.Thanks so much for your TLC." Lion (the stuffed lion) and Kwaki (the stuffed koala) family in CA, June 2017
"Just wanted to say thank you for taking such good care of Brownie and S'mores. You had them back to us so fast!  We really appreciate it. They look wonderful!" Brownie the stuffed dog and S'mores' the bunny's family, June 2017
"Brownie is home, safe and sound! He looks absolutely amazing - you took at least 10 years off of him. He is so much fluffier and cleaner than I could have imagined. Thank you for your kindness and great work. I'll be in touch in another 20 years when he needs a spa day again!" Brownie the other stuffed dog's person in NY, June 2017

"Pink made it home today! She looks absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much for your gentle care and talented work." Pink the cloth doll's person in VA, May 2017
"He looks great!" Kitty the stuffed cow's family in IL, May 2017
"Thank you so very much.  We received Noodle today and S just found him sitting on her bed.... she is SO happy.  Words cannot express how thankful we are for you.  Your personal touches made this horrible situation into a really touching experience for S. " Noodle the stuffed bunny's family in NY, May 2017

"Elmo arrived safely, and WOW!!! He looks better than I imagined. Thank you so much for everything!" Elmo's person in NY, May 2017

"Teddy received today, S surprised and totally pleased with 'new' bear! Thank you again for the great job you did. " Teddy's family in CA, May 2017

"Teddy received today, S. surprised and totally pleased with 'new' bear! Thank you again for the great job you did. " Teddy's family in CA, May 2017

"What a rare and unique pleasure your service has been." The stuffed knit Octopus' family in DC, May 2017

"I just received Oinky and I am so happy! His stuffing is perfect, the new nostrils are perfect, he's so soft, and just so so perfect. Can't thank you enough for all of your TLC. Oinky will definitely be back again, as well as some of his friends, I'm sure. Thank you for what you do! Please know that it's such a gift!" Oinky the pig's person in CA, May 2017

"Poppy came home well and rejuvenated. Thank you, it was a very joyful moment that I cannot describe in words the hapiness to have him with me again. He looks like a young bear and I will never not have to worry for many years. , I always felt he was safe and would coming back home well." Poppy the jointed teddy bear's person in FL, May 2017

"I received him! He is beautiful! And you fluffed him up!! You are a miracle worker! I'm definitely going to spread the word about your beautiful cosmetic surgery! I can't thank you enough!! XOXOXOX!"  The rubber faced panda's person in NY, May 2017

"Rascal showed up today and looks great! Thanks again for giving him an extended life and I'll definitely contact and spread the word for any future injuries I come across. :D" Rascal the stuffed dog's person in CA, May 2017

"Beth. I hope you feel appreciated and gratified that you TLC and hardwork has resulted in a young man being very happy his buddy has returned to him in full fur!!!" Sammy the teddy bear's family in CA, May 2017

"You offer an amazing service and showed so much kindness and understanding. Not everyone understands people who have relationships with their stuffed animals 🙂 (although I bet it's the majority of the population). THANK YOU! "  Geomunji the Gorilla's person in CT, May 2017

"He is just perfect! You did a wonderful job! My son is sooo happy to have his meep meep back! Thank you for all the hard work that I'm sure went into fixing him."  Meep Meep the stuffed dog's family in PA, May 2017

"I just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know how fantastic I think Hephy turned out! I couldn't have asked for more, and in thrilled with you work. Thank you so much for being so great, I really appreciate it. If he ever needs help again, I'll know exactly where to send him."  Hephy the Heffalump's person in CA, May 2017

"Beth! You are so talented! My sweet baby doll looks and feels fantastic. Thank you so much for your loving service. Keep it up!" Baby Doll's person in CA, April 2017

"I just unpacked "the crew" and they cannot stop telling me about their lovely time! Lol Thank you so much for the loving care that you gave them. Truly memorable for us all!!!" Tiffany and the Raggedy's family in NJ, April 2017

" I can't tell you how happy I am and how nice it is to have these two troublemakers back home!" Meowleister and Narly's person in MO, April 2017

"He looks great!"  Denali the teddy bear's person in CA, April 2017

"They seem very happy now that they can live on the bed, instead of being cooped up in that dusty old box. LOL!  Thank you again, you did a wonderful job restoring the duo. Appreciate your talent very much."  The two teddy bear's family in CA, April 2017

"McDuff arrived home and he looks wonderful. Thank you for taking such excellent care of him. The bald spots are completely fixed. If I didn't know where the work was done, I wouldn't be able to tell. I am so glad I trusted you with him. I can now confidently look forward to many more years of snuggling with him. Thank you so much for keeping me updated every step of the way. It made the separation slightly easier. Words cannot express my deep appreciation and extereme satisfaction with your work. " McDuff the stuffed dog's person in Washington, DC, April 2017

"We sent Smoky and Muffin to Dr. Beth for makeovers. Muffin needed a new nose and bath. Smoky, who was loved so much, needed new stuffing to the point where he could stand on his own four legs again. They were apprehensive about leaving; especially in a cramped old box, but they reluctantly agreed to the trip. We received a few updates with photos from Dr. Beth on their progress and they were given great care while away from our home. They returned the other daylooking like new! Muffin's nose looked exactly like the original and Smoky stands proudly again on all four legs! Dr. Beth did a great job and we would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone in need of restoring their beloved stuffed treasures!"  Muffin the stuffed dog and Smoky the stuffed bear (named for the Smoky Mountains) Family in TX, April 2017

"Just like Zebra, Lamb is ready for another 60 years!  He is very pleased to be rejuvenated.  Looks and sounds like new!" The stuffed musical lamb's family in MN, April 2017

"Awwww YAY!!!! He looks fabulous!" The stuffed plush fox's person in CO, April 2017

"I got him yesterday, and he is beautiful!" The stuffed horse's family in TX, April 2017

"My bunny arrived on Friday, just in time for Easter. Thank you so much for taking such good care if him. He looks amazing!!!" Bunny's person in FL, April 2017

"Perfect!" PJ Funny Bunny's person in GA, April 2017

"Thank you so much for all the work and rejuvenation efforts you’ve put into him - I’m enormously grateful." Farley the Teddy Bear's person in CA, April 2017

"My wife has been so happy with your fine work and care of Daisy. Thank you SO much, you have exceeded all of our expectations and I can't tell you what it has meant to us.  We just wanted to send along our thanks, and if ever the need should arise in the future, you can count on our business." Daisy the stuffed Bunny's family in UT, April 2017

"Awww! If I could remember back to age two when I picked him out (apparently my mom said I could have anything in the toy store and I picked him), I'm sure he looked very much like the picture!" Ted's person in ID, April 2017

"He just arrived & looks fabulous! So much softer than he ever was. Thank you for everything." The Blue Camel's person in NJ, April 2017

"Bear made it home safe and sound. He was glad to be home and Sweet Pea loved his new look. Thanks so much for making him feel all refreshed." Bear's family in FL, March 2017

"It is here - thank you, love it so much!!" Turtle's family in WA, March 2017

"I just wanted to take a moment and thank you again for fixing Grover. He returned home safely and we are so pleased with how healthy he looks.  You do amazing work and we will be sure to pass Grover along to our children when the time comes." Grover's family in VA, March 2017

"He looks great! Beautiful work, and the fur matches perfectly as far as I can tell. I think my son will be thrilled when we present it to him on his 30th birthday after all these years, and now he can save him for his own children." Little Bear's family in CA, March 2017

"We went to friends about an hour away today and just returned home about an hour ago.  What a wonderful treat when we returned home and our patients were back and better than ever. Your surgeries were perfect and I love your patient chart.  We keep them in the bedroom, and will continue to follow discharge instructions.  Best of all they will receive lots of hugs forever!!" The two teddy bear's family in WA, March 2017

"Thank you! They all look much better." Bozo the Clown, Shamu the Whale, Big Bird, and the Gorilla's family in CA, March 2017

"He looks perfect! Thank you so much for making him brand new again." Spot the stuffed dog's person in NY, March 2017

"Thank you again for everything. The family - especially my daughter D - REALLY appreciated having Puffy and their friends returned. You are a miracle worker. I will sing your praises to any and everyone that may need your services. Thanks so much" Puffy and Lucy the Cloth Dolls, and Peter the Stuffed Rabbit's family in MD, March 2017

"We received Bear today and he looks great. We also greatly appreciated his discharge papers. Thanks again for all of your help and for providing such a unique service." Bear's family in NY, March 2017

"Snowflake arrived yesterday and he is wonderful! Thank you again so much!" Snowflake the Bear's person in IA, March 2017

"Thank you so much for your hard work he looks amazing!" Mr. Zebra's person in TX, March 2017

"Your work is second to none Beth I thank you very much for everything and will only come to you for any future needs! Keep up this trade/skill as you are one of the few that hold this valuable skill!" Giraffe's family in FL, March 2017

"Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. He looks amazing. Just like himself, only younger." Buttons the stuffed dog's person in CA, March 2017

"She's home! And she's beautiful! Thank you for everything." Red Eyes the stuffed bunny's person in CA, March 2017

"He's so cuddly!  His new fur is so soft, and the feeling of the new stuffing is close to his original, but cushier!  I'm very excited to have Morgan back and very happy with his restoration." Morgan the pink stuffed dog's person in WA, March 2017

"Yay - they look great!" Puppy and Penguin's family in WV, March 2017

"Big Pooh had his unveiling today with my son.  The look on his face as he hugged his repaired bear was PRICELESS!  For this, I thank you once again!" Big Pooh's family in CA, March 2017

"Thank you so much for your attention to detail in restoring Piggo." Piggo the big stuffed pig's person in NY, February 2017

"So happy with Rosie! Let me know any review I can do for your wonderful business." Rosie the Patchwork Bear's family in TN, February 2017

"Thanks for everything he looks great." Lanky the teddy bear's family in NY, February 2017

"You really made my son very happy.  It was a blessing to find you and we appreciate all that you do to make our time with Bobo even more special with so many more happy memories to come."  Bobo the Monkey's family in VA, February 2017

"Thank you so much for all the love and attention you gave him while he has been gone."Curious George's family in TX, February 2017

"He looks awesome - again! Thank you Dr. Beth!" Grizzy's family in PA, February 2017

"He made it yesterday! Looks great! Thanks again for all your help." Bear Bear's family in MI, February 2017

"Got the teddy - looks great!!!!" Orange teddy bear's family in Nova Scotia, Canada, February 2017

"thank you. It's been a real pleasure doing business with you and I will recommend you should I be asked. I will be happy to take a survey or comment on the results should you want." Raggedy Ann's person in OH, February 2017

"He's home safe! He looks fabulous! Thank you again so much!" Brownie the stuffed horse's person in VA, February 2017

"Mickey arrived home today! Thank you again for all your work on him! I wish you the best in your business and if I know of anyone seeking a similar service for their beloved stuffed animal, I will surely recommend you." Beddy Bye Mickey's person in IN, February 2017

"Bugsy is home safe and sound and I absolutely LOVE him!!! He looks like he lost 20 years. His head has not been this popped up in years. You have such incredible talent, I would recommend you to any of my friends. Thank you so much again!!" Bugsy the stuffed bunny's family in PA, February 2017

"Thank you Beth. I appreciate the effective way that you communicate. I'll be sure to praise your work on social media." The cat/dog stuffed animals' family in TX, February 2017

"Baby is safe and sound, and he's perfect! Thanks for everything." Baby the blue teddy bear's family in CA, February 2017

"Wanted to say thank you so very much! Flopsy is beautiful! We are so grateful for your loving touch." Flopsy the bunny's family in VA, February 2017

"He has his smile back, we are all happy he is back home - and he looks great!! I wish you could do magic on me like that! thanks again" Wags the stuffed dog's family in CA, January 2017

"The 3 frog just arrived home. Thanks for packing them so well. They said you took really good care of them. Thanks again." The frog's family in FL, January 2017

"he really does look wonderful, can't imagine better results for this stuffed animal! excellent attention to detail & thanks for patching up the couple small issues over the rest of him! thanks again for your service, i will use your service again ion the future if needed." The Love Puppy's family in NY, January 2017

"Thank you so very much!! You've been amazing to work with and we appreciate you taking care of our special bear." Bear the teddy bear's family in OK, January 2017

"He looks very distinguished! Says he’s ready to go for another 65 years." Zebras family in MN, January 2017

" I wanted to tell you thank you for great job you did on fixing E. J was so happy. Since the puppy is still in the biting stage, we have put E out of his reach and J is good with just being able to see him in one piece. I am thankful that on one of the many nights after this happened, that I found your website. Seeing my son’s face, Christmas morning, with tears rolling down his face was priceless and worth every penny. He said, picked having E as his favorite gift. It trumped the X Box One." E the Elephant's family in TN, January 2017

"Doggy has arrived and he looks wonderful! I wanted to let you know right away that the patient is back on his own bed and looking fine. Better than fine, really—I’m very happy with the way he turned out. Thank you again for your excellent, caring work." Doggy's family in NY, January 2017

"I received her and she looks great! Amazing job! I am sure my husband will be thrilled with this and we look forward to giving it to our new little girl!" Makeema the Monkey's family in NY, January 2017

"We're so grateful for the new lease of life that you've given our favorite couple. Many thanks!" Lady and the Tramp's family in NY, January 2017

"We love having bunny back and are grateful for the work you did!" Bunny's family in MA, January 2017

"Bunnicula's home! She looks beautiful, thank you so much Beth!" Bunnicula's person in WI, January 2017

"I just want to say thank you for taking your time and putting all the work in fixing Dama and Baihao. Throughout the whole process, there was not a moment that I regretted my decision in putting them in your hand. Thank you so much for everything that you have done for the past month! I am glad that I found such a great person whom treat my doll as if they are yours! Thank you!!" The two red horses' family in NJ, January 2017

"Teddy arrived safe and sound several days ago. I am truly amazed that you were able to put him back together again. If you were around in Humpty Dumpty's day, the nursery rhyme would have ended differently!" Suzy in California


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