Aesop’s Fables

Stuffed Animals from Aesop’s Fables
Much of Aesop’s history is a mystery.  We know he lived in the mid-6th century B.C.E., making his stories among the oldest written folktales.  We are pretty sure that he was a slave.  But how or if he was freed, where he was born, and why he created his famous animal fables with their now classic morals, all remain a mystery.  Two of the most famous tales are The Lion and the Mouse and the Tortoise and the Hare.  I hope that you enjoy both these stuffed animals, and their stories, and perhaps decide to take a few home with you.
Most of our dolls are reversible.  If you see two or more characters in a photo, that means there are two or more characters in one doll.

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The Lion and the Mouse

The Tortoise and the Hare