Jewish Fairy Tales and Legends Dolls

Dolls from Jewish Fairy Tales and Legends 
There are many Jewish legends, both in and out of the Bible.  Here we offer one of each sort.  Queen Esther saved her people when the evil Haman would have destroyed them.  The Pirate Princess is the original independent woman, who tricks pirates, merchants and kings, becomes her own queen, and has a happily ever after tale, to boot!    I hope that you enjoy both the dolls, and their stories, and perhaps decide to take a few home with you.

Most of our dolls are reversible.  If you see two or more characters in a photo, that means there are two or more characters in one doll.

To purchase a doll, or to learn more about any doll or story, simply click on the doll’s name.

Queen Esther

Joseph in his Multicolored Coat

The Pirate Princess

The Rabbi

“I received the rabbi hand puppet today and delivered it to my friend this evening. The rabbi is displayed in her family room, and she LOVES it! The workmanship is fabulous. Thank you very much.” Barb in MA Summer 2011

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