Kind Words

Archive of Kind Words
from our doll & stuffed animal patients and their families

I think most of these comments speak for themselves, but I’ve added photos in some instances, in case you’re curious!  The photos are good for showing how I do just as much or as little surgery as a doll or animal’s person wants. For more recent comments, please to the hospital home page.  For many more before and after photos, and patient stories, please check out my tumblr blog.



“We just got Bunny back. He looks so good!! You did such an amazing job. My husband starting tearing up when he saw Bunny. Thank you so much!!!!!” Bunny’s person in IA, September 2016

“Teddy arrived today and looks great! Thank you!” Teddy’s person in Dallas, September 2016

“I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful work you did on Ethan. He is so fluffy and wonderfully chubby again and feels soft and looks whiter… I am so thankful.” Ethan the goat puppet’s person in NY, September 2016

“Thank you again for taking such good care of him!! I will be sure to recommend your services to any other stuffies in need. :)” Cal the Serval Cat’s person in DC, September 2016

“We’ve been meaning to write to you for a couple of days, but we’ve just been so happy & busy with healthy Meow that we didn’t get a chance until today. She is very fuzzy and cuddly and has just finished a nature hike with us, cuddled in a little leather purse. Every night since she got home, my daughter has been snuggling Meow to sleep in bed, and reports that she has never felt anything quite so soft and lovable. We love cuddling and playing with refreshed Meow, and offer our deepest thanks and hearty congratulations on doing an excellent job in restoring her.” Meow the cat’s family in MD, September 2016

“Just wanted to check in and formally tell you… how pleased we both were with the work that you did on him. He looks and feels good as new, and ready to take on the next phase of his life! I sincerely thank you for taking the extra time and effort, as well as keeping in constant contact while he was in your care. I would recommend you to anyone and everyone who was even thinking about rejuvenating a stuffed animals life! :)” George the stuffed Monkey’s person September 2016

“Jeter returned home today and he looks incredible. He looks brand new! I cannot thank you enough for taking such good care of him. He is so important to me and I am eternally grateful for you preserving him.” Jeter the Tiger’s person in CT, September 2016

“Just a quick note to thank you. I got my refurbished bear yesterday and I wanted to let you know I am very pleased with the results: clean and presentable without being overly restored. The replacement eye matches the other perfectly.” Teddy’s person in FL, September, 2016

“Thank you so much I really appreciate everything that you have done for a monkey and me you are so sweet and very kind and I were my command you to anybody that ask. Thanks so much please keep in touch. You are a blessing to me and my monkey” Monkey’s person in OH, August 2016

“Thank you so much for your attention to detail and your kind heart. It takes a special person to see just how important these stuffed friends are to their owners. Everyone giggled and snickered when I told them I had spent a bunch of money and had Pooh flown across the country to an animal hospital but let me be the first to tell you, I would do it again in a heart beat! Pooh looks phenomenal! He is a bit chubbier than I remember, but who I am I to judge? I threw on a couple extra pounds on vacation this year too! Thank you again for everything you did! I hope I never have to send anything your way again, but if I do, I know exactly who to call! You are the absolute best!” Pooh the Winnie the Pooh stuffed Bear’s person in OH, August 2016

“Foxine looks just great and G was overjoyed to get him back “all better.” Thank so much for taking such good care of him.” Foxine the stuffed fox’s family in NY, August 2016

“she is VERY pleased with the results of your care on her childhood toy. He’s just like she remembers him. Thank you so much!” Chocolate Easter Bunny Bubber the stuffed rabbit’s family in OK, August 2016

“Jimmy came in the mail and he looks so great! Pretty close I think to when I first got him, over 45 years ago. Thank you again Beth for your kind spirit and great attention to detail.” Jimmy the stuffed dog’s person in MN, August 2016

“Thank you so much!! She’s one happy girl!!” Lamby’s family in NC, August 2016

I don’t usually put people’s photos up, but Lamby’s family explicitly said I could share the happiness in this photo with you!

“Puppy arrived safe and sound and looking good yesterday! Thank you again for your great care and customer service. The communication was greatly appreciated!” Puppy’s family in IN, Ausust 2016

“he looks great!! Thank you so much for fixing him!” Wiggy the teddy bear’s person in AZ, August 2016

“He looks great! It’s nice to have him back in one piece again. Thanks so much!!” Samuel the stuffed puppy’s person in FL, August 2016

“She looks so great. I love it. Thank you for your detailed, loving care! I look forward to having her around for the next 30+ years!” Snowflakes the stuffed bunny’s person in NC, August 2016

“I wanted to thank you for your service and the excellent care you gave my tiger, James. My husband took care of this for me because he knows how much the tiger means to me. We are grateful that we found you and that you could help us. It is truly special what you do.:-)” James the stuffed tiger’s person in CA, August 2016

“Thanks for all your hard work on snoopy. He looks perfect!!! He told us he had a great time with you!!! XOXO” Snoopy the stuffed animal’s family in CA, August 2016

“Dotty just got home! He looks AMAZING! I can’t believe it! Thank you thank you thank you SO MUCH! If I ever need another stuffed animal fixed up in the future, I know exactly where to send them. I cannot thank you enough for this.” Dotty the Dalmatian’s person in WI, August 2016 (Dotty’s person did a whole post about his trip to the hospital, you can find it here).

“Moosletoe looks amazing. Like a brand new stuffed toy, but still with all the original love. Thank you so much for restoring such a very loved stuffed animal. I can’t wait for my son’s first Christmas with him and to grow up with him too. Thank you SO SO much!!!!” Moosletoe the stuffed moose’s family in TX, July 2016

“Polar has arrived. He’s perfect. Thanks again. I will be sure to recommend your services!” Polar the teddy bear’s person in IL, July 2016

“He arrived today and looks great! Thank you so much for taking such good care of him!!” Freddy the Teddy Bear’s person in MI, July 2016

“I am so happy! He looks perfect! Thank you so much!!!! You’ve done an amazing job and I am so glad you do what you do!” Scooby Doo the stuffed dog’s person in TX, July 2016

“He looks better than ever. Words cannot describe how thankful we are.” Benny the teddy bear’s family in TX, July 2016

“we were all impressed by how great he looks. As well as his treatment notes! Thank you so, so much for your great work. We appreciate it, of course, as well as the excellent and thoughtful communication and pictures along the way.” Panda’s family in MD, July 2016

“Cupid has arrived. He looks marvelous. He sends you hugs and kisses!” Cupid the Stuffed Dalmatian’s person in CO, July 2016

“He’s back!! Thank you so much for fixing him up! You are wonderful :)” Pup the stuffed dog’s person in CO, July 2016

“Dali arrived and looks great! Thanks for all your help!” Dali the cloth doll’s family in CA, July 2016

“Thank you so much for the wonderful work you did on Piggie. S was nervous about whether she would recognize her or not but it just looks like she has new boots on and has gained some necessary weight!” Piggie’s family in IL, July 2016

“Looks amazing. Thank you, thank you again.” Lamb’s family in PA, July 2016

“she’s home now!! just before a storm started, phew. i was so excited to open the box. she was warm from traveling in the truck so it felt even better to hold her again. she’s soo soft and squishy, she’s the perfect cuddler now! and her big and beautiful. i’ll never let them get so scratched up again, that’s for sure. it’s great to have kitty home again. you made her look wonderful and honestly, it’s a bit difficult not shedding tears over her! i never thought she could look so good, but she does, thanks to you! i can’t tell you how thankful i am. you did a fabulous job with her and i’m elated.” Kitty’s person in NH, July 2016

“in my excitement forgot to tel u i got bigelow back on friday. he looks FANTASTIC!!!” Bigelow the stuffed pink dog’s person in NYC, July 2016

“John Boy arrived back at home, but I wanted to let you know that he’s here & he looks FANTASTIC! Thank you so much! My entire family is amazed at his new lease on life- he can sit up again! Truly impressive. Thanks for taking such great care of him.” John Boy the teddy bear’s family in CT, July 2016

” The whole process was great and feel that I made a great choice in sending him out there to be re-done. I would highly recommend Realms of Gold to anyone who is need of having their favorite stuffed animal reconditioned and they will never know how much this means to me. Thank you for your awesome service” Snoopy’s pers on in IA, July 2016

“George made it home safe and sound. Thank you so much for taking good care of him. The family is happy to have him home” Curious George’s family in CA, June 2016

“We received our Husky when we got home and he looks great. Thanks so much!” Husky’s family in AZ, June 2016

“I received little Red granny wolf over the weekend! She looks great, Thank you so much for the great work! XOX” Little Red Ridinghood’s person in AZ, June 2016

“Thank you so much for taking care of my special kitten. You did an amazing job and I couldn’t be happier. Again, thank you so much!” YellowKitty’s person in VA, June 2016

“Morgie looks fabulous! I sent your pictures to S. and she shrieked in delight. And she’s not a shrieker.” Morgie the Morgan Dog’s family in MD, June 2016

“A lovely and rejuvenated Bun arrived home yesterday. Thank you for the love and effort you put into him! Your great work was much appreciated.” Bun the stuffed bunny’s family in WA, June 2016

“Lucy arrived home safe and sound. She looks great. Thanks for bringing so much joy to my six year old.” Lucy the red seal’s family in VA, June 2016

“We just got Randy back home safe. He looks great! Thank you for taking such good care of him. We really appreciate it.” Randy the polar bear’s family in MD, June 2016

“Amber is home safe and sound. She looks great. Thank you for taking such good care of her. My 16 year old acted 4 again when she took her out of the box.” Amber the dog’s family in FL, June 2016

“Mr. Bear made it safely home and P is utterly thrilled!!!! She hasn’t put her down (except to eat and then she’s on the table watching P!! lol) since she got her. Thank you SO, SO, SO much for giving her bear a new lease on life and making my daughter so happy!!!” Mr. Bear the lady bear’s family in MI, June 2016

“Blanquita just got home,she looks so healthy and beautiful , u did an amazing job,thank u so much !” Blanquita the white cat’s family in WA, June 2016

“This is GREAT!!! He’s not see through anymore :)…He made it home, and he looks great!! He’s already made his first trip this weekend, and has two new states under his belt. Thank you!!!” Snowy the Snowman’s person in MD, June 2016

“Purple Monkey was safely delivered to us on Friday. THANK YOU!!!! He looks great and A. is so happy with the TLC you provided. He has received many hugs this weekend, and will continue to be well loved! Your work is priceless – the ability to care for stuffed animals while keeping their personality is wonderful! We also loved the photos and emails from you and the “Patient Chart”! THANK YOU!!!!” Purple Monkey’s family in MN, June 2016

“Bunny arrived today, and you did an AMAZING job of cleaning her up. She’s sitting in my chair right now….” Bunny’s family in DE, May 2016

“Thank you for taking such good care of White Doggie! We are very happy to have him home. L. says that he is “so puffy.” We are very appreciative of your great work!” White Doggie’s family in NY, May 2016

“There are no words!! He is wonderful, he looks exactly like he did from my childhood, tears in my eyes. Thank you so, so much!!!” Teddy’s person in MI, May 2016

“they are in great shape! (Brownie is markedly less grumpy, which he attributes to having received a “purple heart.”) And Ann is of course as kindly-dispositioned as ever. Thank you for taking such good care of them, Beth!” Brownie the Bear and Raggedy Ann’s family in DC, May 2016

“I can’t begin to explain how happy I am with Floppsy’s repair. I have had him since I was two and was really nervous about anyone handling him, let alone sending him off to someone I had never met. I can’t even see the stitching and I love how plump he is now! I am relieved that I don’t have to worry anymore about his stuffing falling out, because I can tell you did a quality job in sewing him back up. When Casey and I opened the box and I saw him sitting in there all fixed up, I was overjoyed. He is so much more fun to hug now when I sleep! Anyway, thank you again and please feel free to use any part (or all) of this email on your site. I will definitely be recommending you to anyone who needs a stuffed animal repaired!” Floppsy the bunny’s family in NY, May 2016

“I really appreciate the excellent care you took of Wrinkle!Thanks so much Beth again!” Wrinkle the Puppy’s family in KY, May, 2016

“Buckingham is better than new. You did a good job on Bunny given her terrible state of repair. I aim very glad that I had the work done on both bears. Thank you so much for the TLC.” Buckingham and Bunny Bear’s family in CA, May 2016

” He looks fantastic!!! Thank you so much!!! I plan on printing off the photos you sent me of him being cared for and sticking them in the box to give to my daughter next month when she graduates high school.” Panda’s family in WI, May 2016

“Leo arrived happy, safe and looking so wonderful! Thank you for everything!” Leo the Lion’s family in CA, April 2016

” we are SO pleased with Santa! He looks wonderful and smells good too! You did a beautiful job and we are very happy!” Santa’s family in NY, April 2016

” She said he is perfect! Thank you so very much! You made this little girl cry with happiness! She has not let go of him yet and has been home for an hour. Thank You for all your good work!” Bear Bear’s family in IN, April 2016

“You did a great job and I appreciate all of your photos and emails during the process. Thank you so much!” Pooh and Brown Bear’s family in GA, April 2016

“Bingo arrived safe and sound yesterday. He looks SO much better! I can’t wait to give him to my husband for his birthday.” Bingo the Earless Bunny’s family in KY, April 2016

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for the AMAZING job you did with Hutchy. He looks outstanding – you’d never even know he was half a bun before you saved him. Dayna was in tears when she pulled him out of the box – she wouldn’t put him down for the rest of the night. You really do outstanding work. Thanks again!” Hutchy the bunny’s family in IN, April 2016

“Thank you, beyond words, Beth. Mily Joyce will for sure have many more happy years with us. And when she needs another spa treatment you can be sure we’ll entrust her to your care again.” Mily Joyce the Giant Bunny’s family in NY, April 2016

“What a wonderful welcome F. gave Teddy when he got home today. Thank you for the work you did to give this half-century old treasure a new lease on life” Teddy’s family in FL, April 2016

“thank you SO much for fixing Piggy. She said your food must have been REALLY good for Piggy to come back so fat 😉 and that she looks awesooooommmme!!!! She feels very lucky that we know a real life Doc Mcstuffins that will help our stuffed animals. Thank you so much, Beth – we are so lucky to have found you. You made what could have been terrible situations and made them all better. There are not enough words.” Piggy’s family in PA, April 2016

“Many, many thank you’s for all you’ve done; he hasn’t left my side since I got him. Definitely a forever friend.” BeBe the white teddy bear’s person in FL, April 2016

“Thank you so much! We are so happy to have Mo home and she looks great!” Mowena the teddy bear’s family in GA, April 2016

“I just wanted to thank you for the exceptional work you did for Sleepy Bunny. He looks great, feels great (just the right amount of stuffing), and we’re both happy.” Sleepy Bunny’s person in CA, April 2016

“I just got him and I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the way he turned out! He looks just like his “old” self, but with the perfect amount of TLC. I can’t sing your praises high enough!” Tobias the stuffed tiger’s person in TN, March 2016

“Thank you so much for taking amazing care of him. He looks so handsome and refreshed. You did a fantastic job!” Bixby the Bear’s person in CA, March 2016

“Thank you so much for making My Bear all new, he us in absolutely perfect!” Bear’s person in AL, March 2016

“Was ecstatic to find Snoopy waiting for me! He’s plump and all stitched up like I wanted, thank you so much for the care and work you put into him!” Snoopy’s person in NC, March 2016

“He looks amazing. He’s stuffed perfectly. It’s like when I first got him. You really are incredible. Thank you so much.” Bunny’s person in GA, March 2016

“He looks fantastic! Thank you so much, Beth. You’ve been super through this whole thing and I cannot thank you enough for your kindness and understanding, and for fixing my Grizz. I am beyond happy.” Grizz the bear’s person in PA, March 2016

“My doll, Regina, was in great need of some TLC. Beth provided that and more. She answered my questions quickly and more importantly, honestly. Beth took such care of Regina and gave me reassurance throughout the makeover process, that I had complete trust and peace of mind. Thank you, Beth, I couldn’t be happier!” Regina the cloth doll’s person in TX, March 2016

“This experience has been wonderful, and I cannot thank you enough for your services!” Elly the Elephant’s person in ME, March 2016

“He’s a brand new man/dog. Thank you again for all your work!” PJ the dog’s person in WI, March 2016

“She looks great and feels like a whole new bunny!!! Her tail is perfect and I can’t thank you enough. 🙂 I’m going to tell all my support group friends about you. Thanks again!” Bonnie the Blue Bunny’s person in AR, March 2016

“Thank you so much!! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your patience and understanding of how precious he is to me. You are the best!!” Pinky the Lion’s person in MD, March 2016

“Thank you so much for giving him new life. C was so excited to see him and loved all of the changes. He thought he smelled really good. 🙂 The work that you did was enough to give him some durability, without changing him dramatically. He’s tucked in bed with my son tonight, where he’s hasn’t been in a few years.” Duck’s family in TX, March 2016

“I just picked up Buddy and he looks great! Thank you so much again for everything.” Buddy the Bear’s family in CA, March 2016

“I cannot say enough about Beth and Realms of Gold and if I could, I would should this from a rooftop.Not only was the work just incredible, but the personal service and communication was exceptional. I never felt like the “crazy lady” I am sure I am!! Having Snoops come home was such a great relief. He looks incredible, so strong and most importantly, like himself! Thank you Beth for looking after him, and me!!” Snoops the Snoopy Dog’s person in NY, March 2016

“I wanted to thank you so much for your work on Mousey! He looks amazing, and finally looks like he did in pictures I have with him when I was little – I haven’t seen him that plump or with pink ears in years! He really does mean so much to me so I cannot thank you enough for taking such good care of him and restoring him to a condition that allows me to have many more years with him.” Mousey’s person in CA, February 2016

“He does look very cute!! Thank you very much Beth! It really means a lot to me!” Donny aka Donald Duck’s person in CA, February 2016

“Emmitt arrived home today! I was so happy to see him, he looks fantastic. Thank you so much for all the effort and time you put into him, I really do appreciate it!” Emmitt the teddy bear’s person in WA, February 2016

“He looks amazing” Sami the stuffed dog’s family in CA, February 2016

“You did a wonderful job. Thank you so much!” Blackie the stuffed dog’s family in CA, February 2016

“he looks wonderful! He is so clean and he’s filled out nicely, I’d forgotten what he used to look like. ” Grandpa Snoopy’s person in NJ, February 2016

“I’m impressed and thrilled .I couldn’t ask for more…Not Enough words to explain my gratitude…Great job and thanks a TON” Bear’s family in CA, February 2016

“He looks PERFECT!” The Wheeled Teddy Bear’s family in FL, January 2016

“You did a fantastic job!! I was more than pleased with Beary’s outcome, but to hear my daughter describe, in detail, the differences she saw from before and after made my heart swell. Thank you so very much for corresponding with me so many times, but thanks even more for your talent, and for your care of something so very special.” Beary’s family in TX, January 2016

“He looks like new, and we appreciate the soft stuffing you used. Thank you for taking such good care of him!” Froggy’s family in FL, January 2016

“I have to tell you how impressed I am with Ms. Moo! I am so happy with your work, it is truly amazing. I can’t thank you enough. Having my stuffed cow in good condition is such a great feeling. I’m thankful for you and your skills because you’ve allowed me to preserve my most precious belonging.” Ms. Moo the Stuffed Cow’s person in CA, January 2016

” He looks excellent! Thank you so very much for doing such a great job and taking care of him.” Chubbs the Polar Teddy Bear’s family in CO, January 2016

“Pedro just arrived and he’s awesome!” Pedro the teddy bear’s family in NC, January 2016

“THANK YOU Beth for taking on this odd project and turning this poor, worn-out vintage nugget into a beautiful gem! With much gratitude and joy” Otis the Monkey puppet’s person in FL, January 2016

“Got him and opened him up, you did such a great job!!!! thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll be sure to contact you if he (or anyone else we have) is in need of some care.” Marky the stuffed dog’s family in NJ, January 2016

“He is home and looks great – thank you so much for your help!” Bunny’s family in IA, January 2016

“I am both pleased and impressed with the work that was done for Ellie at the hospital, and I would recommend Realms of Gold, Inc. to anyone that would entrust the care of their stuffed animal with only the truest of professionals.” Ellie the Elephant’s family in IL, January 2016

“Clappy arrived safe. She looks wonderful. You are truly gifted.” Clappy the tiny cat’s family in OH, January 2016

“Bunny arrived today. A. is ecstatic with everything! Thank you so much!” Bunny’s family in CO, January 2016

“The bear has arrived and is perfect. thank you so much. you have done a marvelous job and so quickly. this is such a wonderful experience after the previous disaster. i can’t thank you enough.” Bear the Jointed Teddy Bear’s family in NY, December 2015

“He looks great!! Thank you for the restoration work you did, he will be good for another 40 years!” Tiger’s family in CA, December 2015

“I did a lot of research to find you. I wanted someone a lot closer but my research lead me to you. So glad. No one else could have done this good of job. You did a fabulous job.” Heavy Bear the Teddy Bear’s family in IN, December 2015

“Thank you so much for expediting the recreation of my girlfriends best buddy, Bob. You have no idea how much it means to Kate, Bob, and myself as well. When I seeked out for repair, you were the most profession and understanding (in my openion) to to take on the task. I think you may know just how important a furry friend can be, or maybe just how important it is to love something unconditionally. I praise you for bringing Kate confort through the process. You now have a hand in what I believe to be Kate’s most intement friendship, which is quite an honor as Kate is one of the finest individuals I have ever known. I thank you kindly, from a pure heart who also shares your passion and attention to detail, for taking time out of your busy holiday schedual to repair both a torn up bunny and a beautiful girls heart. You will never be forgotten. I wish you the finest of holidays. May love always return the favor.” Bob the Bunny’s family in CA, December 2015

This feedback has two parts. First, a comment for the photos sent for approval: “My wife printed the pics and put them in the fridge!” Second, word he was home: “Odie arrived safe and sound Friday! A. is thrilled and I can’t say thank you enough.” Odie the Teddy Bear’s family in TX, December 2015

“Wally arrived home today and looks fabulous!! Thank you for everything!!:Wally arrived home today and looks fabulous!! Thank you for everything!!” Wally the stuffed Walrus’ person in NY, December 2015

“Mickey arrived today and you really did an outstanding job. Your repair on his torn off arm is a huge improvement. Thanks again for everything.” The vintage Mickey Mouse’s family in WA, December 2015

“We received Bobbie this afternoon. My wife was overjoyed, and said he is just the way she remembers him as a child. It is a rare thing to have a slice of one’s childhood manifest itself again after 60 years. We think that you have a truly rare and wonderful vocation because you bring nothing but happiness to people with your skill and creativity.” Bobbie the Teddy Bear’s family in CA, December 2015

“She looks beautiful!! She’s just right and thank you for rekindling her heart…[you were] thoughtful and consistent with updates.” The stuffed Orca’s person in CA, December 2015

“She looks great! She’s clean and bright, but not too bright, and seems very healthy.If I ever have the chance, I will recommend you to anybody who asks me. I really appreciate your quick responses to emails and the photos that you sent. They made her feel closer. And that’s aside from the very nice sewing and restuffing and everything, which is also top-notch. Thank you very much for the time and effort that you put into making my best friend healthy again.” Giraffe’s person in Serbia, December 2015

“We are in tears, so very happy with her being fixed. I really don’t know what words to use to say thank you. Our daughter is speechless and doesn’t want to let her go. Thank you from the bottom of our families heart!” Melissa Mine the Giant Cloth Doll’s family in FL, December 2015

“Thank you so much for the great job you did on Best Friend. He arrived back home yesterday and looks amazing.” Best Friend, A Paddington Bear’s family in FL, November 2015

“Bunny looks fantastic. Thank you so much….I’m happy to be quoted, but I wish I had said something more elegant. 🙂 Thank you so much for breathing life back into my son’s beloved “Bunny.” He has been missing his old friend and will be thrilled to see him again.” Bunny’s family in VA, November 2015

“Pepper made it back safe and sound and looks great! Thank you so much for your care of him and understanding of how worried I was about him, it really meant the world to me!” Pepper the stuffed dog’s person in CA, November 2015

“He looks absolutely fantastic. I obviously chose the right hospital.” Santa the Doll Versions’ family in CT, November 2015

“Mooshi arrived yesterday and looks terrific! I can’t wait for E. to see him at Christmas! Thanks again for everything and for offering this great service!” Mooshi the Stuffed Cow’s family in NY, November 2015

“Just received him – he looks GREAT! Good as new! Thank you SO SO SO SO SO much! I’ve had him for 25 years and I had him repaired to give to my own daughter when she’s born this February. Thank you again!!!” Puppy’s family in CA, November 2015

“Thank you very much for the work and turning them around so quickly. I really think my wife will be surprised, and that hasn’t been easy to do over the years.” Raggedy Ann and Andy’s family in AZ, November 2015

” Popeye arrived today and has apparently eaten well of his spinach, as he now looks to be his old normal self! You have done an excellent job, for sure! He is ready for a whole new lifetime ahead” Popeye’s family in MI, November 2015

” You did such a great job. You really knocked it out of the park. My wife was in happy tears and we could not have been happier with the results.” Pooh’s family in NE, November 2015

“Puffy is home, my daughter and I thank you for a wonderful job! I will be sure to tell everyone” Puffy the Puffalump Bunny’s family in NY, November 2015

“The work you do is an art and science that is not easily summed up in words. In a day and age characterized by technology and fancy gizmos, it is refreshing to know that a 30 year old stuffed animal can be brought back to life with good old fashioned elbow grease and a little bit of love. I can’t thank you enough.” Chee Chee the stuffed Monkey’s person in NV, November 2015

“He looks amazing! I am so happy with what you did. I can’t thank you enough. He looks like a baby bear again instead of an old man bear like before 🙂 Thank you so much for your care & beautiful work!” Teddy Bear’s family in AZ, October 2015

“Kitty looks perfect !! Thank you SO MUCH!!! We are so thrilled and grateful for your help in making her better- thank you, thank you, thank you!!!” Kitty’s family in RI, October 2015

“Thank you very much for your tender loving care. She looks great!” Raggedy Ann’s person in CT, October 2015

“She’s home, and looks amazing. Everyone has been stunned by how new she looks! She’s just like I remember 26 years ago! I could not thank you enough for how kind you were through every step of this process. I’m telling everyone I know with a beloved stuffed companion to send them to you for the same loving care.” Casey aka KC the Lion Puppet’s person in NY, October 2015

” He looks great and I have a boy happy to see his gregory. Thanks again.” Gregory the Teddy Bear’s Boy’s mom in OR “Gregory looks amazing… he looks awesome. Thanks Beth!!” Gregory the Teddy Bear’s Boy, also in OR, October 2015

“Thank you so much for all your work. He looks great and happy to be home!… Since he arrived yesterday he has not left her side. Again, thank you so much!” Puppy the stuffed dog’s family in TX, October 2015

“B. and I are THRILLED with Sooty and Baby Bear. I had to stop not too far from your house, as tears filled my eyes at having him back so well. ” Sooty the stuffed dog and Baby Bear the teddy bear’s family in CA, October 2015

“Thanks so much, he looks great and we appreciate the updates and photos, my daughter liked knowing what was going on and is very happy to have him back home and cleaned up.” Pooh’s family in NY, October 2015

“Wow, he looks perfect! You really do magic 🙂 I can’t thank you enough for fixing him up again!” Bunny’s person in CA, October 2015

“I just want to thank you so much for your work on Big Monkey and Little Monkey, they seriously haven’t looked any better! I love that Big Monkey feels chubbier, and the cleanliness is amazing. I’m sure we will get work done by you again, thanks again!” The Stuffed Monkeys’ family in CA, October 2015

Bear is home! You did an amazing job, thank you so much! He looks so fluffy and clean now. I can’t thank you enough for all your care, understanding, and patience throughout our correspondence.” Bear’s person in LA, October 2015

Here’s Bear before and after:

“He’s home!! And you did a fabulous job restoring him! I am so grateful and will happily recommend you to others in need of similar services. Thank you so very much!” Fluffy the stuffed elephant’s person in NJ, September 2015

“Thank you again, he looks amazing!” Billy the stuffed pig’s person in NJ, September 2015

“I so greatly appreciate the TLC you showed Cara and the reassuring communication you showed me during her spa visit to San Francisco.” Cara the stuffed dog’s family in VA, September 2015

“They look so good! …Thank you SOOO much for fixing my babies up for many more years of love and adventures! ” Burn and Chet the Racing Snails’ person in MO, September 2015

“They arrived. They are adorable. Thanks. I am so looking forward to giving them back to my daughter. She will be ecstatic.” Raggedy Ann and the Clown’s family in FL, September 2015

“He looks fantastic! Thank you so much. As they say, “He looks 10 years younger!”” Chocolate the Teddy Bear’s person in CA, September 2015

“She absolutely loved it! She was so happy. Thank you so much!!” Libby and Patrick the stuffed dogs’ family in MD, September 2015

“We got baby!!! Thank you!! He looks and feels great! Our other puffalumps were glad to have him back! ;)” Baby the Blue Puffalump’s family in TX, August 2015

“Just wanted you to know that Scrappy is back in my arms again. He looks fabulous darling! We will make sure we’ll follow your discharge instructions to the letter.” Scrappy the stuffed dog’s person in NM, August 2015

“You have been above and beyond amazing taking care of Tupelo! (and us as well)” Tupelo the stuffed turtle’s family in TN, August 2015

I have received Gigi and am very happy with how she turned out! Thank you for taking such good care of her. I am very pleased with your work!” Gigi the stuffed mouse’s person in CA, August 2015

“Jason looks amazing, smells amazing, and feels amazing! He’s like a brand new bunny. I cannot thank you enough.” Jason the stuffed bunny’s person in PA, August 2015

“Everyone got home safe and they look great. Thanks much” Animal the rather flat stuffed animal and Mouse’s family in NY, August 2015

“I can’t thank you enough for the work you did on Ginger Bunny. I was so nervous about sending him away, but I am SO glad I chose you to fix him–you always kept me in the loop about every decision and I appreciate that! He looks perfect and so happy, and I’m so happy to have him stable and sturdy and ready for years of more hugs!” Ginger Bunny the stuffed bunny’s person in CA (and Germany!), August 2015

” Thank you so much! They look amazing! Thank you for all of the time and effort you put in restoring and fixing them.” Baseball Guy and Bear the Lionheart Teddy Bear’s family in FL, August, 2015

“He looks fabulous! Thank you again for such exceptionally good work in restoring him to perfect health.” Clover the stuffed bunny’s family in VA, July 2015

I wanted to thank you for all of your patience, kindness, and professionalism over the last few weeks. Sending John-John to you was not easy for me–it is scary sending your best friend across the country! But throughout the entire process you humored me, were responsive and took me seriously. I can’t thank you enough for that.”John John the stuffed kitty cat’s person in NY, July 2015, you can read more of his story and see photos on the blog

“Dog made it back to me safely and he looks great! Thanks so much for all of your work. I am very happy with the results. Thanks so much for your work on Dog and working within my time frame.” Dog the stuffed Pink Dog’s person in MI, July 2015

“Thank you so much! Bear arrived today, and N. is thrilled. Bear is telling him about all his new adventures.We can’t thank you enough.” Bear’s family in CA, July 2015

“Fluffy looks amazing, I love his new face, how did you know he had a little tongue that stuck out? His ears look so much better in person. I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for him, I’m so happy.” Fluffy the stuffed Yellow Dog’s person in FL, July 2015

“Cow has made it home safe! He looks great! Thank you so much for everything :D” Cow the stuffed cow’s person in NC, July 2015

“Your work is amazing! He really looks and feels beautiful. You are a Master!” Spanky the Pot Belly Teddy Bear’s person in CA, July 2015

“My mother was so surprised to see her repaired and was simply over the moon with excitement. Thank you so much for your hard work. ” Mousie the felt mouse’s family in OH, July 2015

“A million thanks for your talents.The koalas are chez moi and are now enjoying a second or third or fourth life.” The stuffed fur Koalas’ person in AZ, July 2015

“You can not even imagine the excitement and joy K. had when opening the box to find her precious Steffanie. She looks wonderful and we are so thrilled to have her back in such great shape. You have done wonders with something that is priceless to us and that I thought was unfixable. Thank you does not even begin to cover how we feel but that’s about all I can think of to say.” Steffanie the Stuffed Frog’s family in OR, July 2015

“He’s back!! Absolutely couldn’t be more perfect! A million thanks!!! ” Honey Bear the teddy bear’s person in CT, July 2015

“OMG!!I will never forget this episode but you have given us a happy ending. We will remember your kindness forever.My son will be so happy and my mother cried.” Cousin and Pupalicious the stuffed dogs’ family in NJ, July 2015

“Thank you for healing my little specialties.
It was a blessing to have someone who knew what to do and give them
special care. ” Tiger and Blue Ducko’s person in Australia, June 2015

“I am so pleased! He is just as I remember him! You did a fantastic job! The whiskers were a nice surprise! Okay, enough exclamations, but thank you again, for taking the time to work with me and giving him so much care.” Tiger the stuffed animal’s family in MI, June 2015

“Charlotte looks fantastic! It’s so nice to have her home. Many thanks.”Charlotte the stuffed dog’s person in CA, June 2015

“Pikachu is home! It’s so nice to hug him again. Here he is with his best friend Simba, the only feline he’ll be spending any time with until my kitten learns some manners. Thanks again for your help. You have no idea how much it means to me!” Pikachu’s person in MA, June 2015

“They both look wonderful and healthy! We couldn’t be any happier…I know I probably overly thanked you already, but I truly can’t express how appreciative we are for the wonderful care and attention you gave us. I’m confident that no other hospital would have given quite the same level of attention and care you gave to fulfill all our (very specific) needs! Thank you for your patience and attention to detail. You are truly amazing! I will highly recommend you to anyone and everyone I know if they ever need your services! A gazillion thanks!” Bradley the Bear and Mumosh the Penguin’s family in IL, June 2015

“Thank you so much for the diligent care and restoration of Henry! My daughter was thrilled to see him in his renewed fashion.” Henry the Dog’s family in CA, June 2015

” I can’t thank you enough for taking care of him…You went above and beyond my expectations and I am so grateful!” Yellow Heart the Teddy Bear’s person in MT, June 2015

They are home safe and sound, clean and happy again. Thank you so much for all of your attentive care.” Kitty, Stepper the Horse, Baby Doll and the Cabbage Patch Kid’s person in CA, June 2015

“We just both wanted to thank you for the amazing job you did for Bunny. We’re very happy with the way he turned out!” Bunny’s family in CA, June 2015

“I’m late in telling you how amazing the unicorn is!!!! I was really astounded. You captured his horn perfectly, I didn’t even think it was possible because it was so specific. I can’t thank you enough, he looks like new. It made me cry!” The Magical Unicorn’s person in NY, June 2015

“Monkey is home and enjoying all the attention he’s getting. He looks amazing and has been restored to his happy self. Thank you so much for everything!” Monkey’s person in VA, May 2015

“He made it home, and C. is ECSTATIC. Thank you so much! :)” Potbelly the stuffed dog’s family in VA, May 2015

“HE’S HOME!!!!!!! And we couldn’t be happier. Thanks again!!!!! Loved the Patient Chart and your business card. ADORABLE! xoxoxoxoxo” Doggie’s family in CA, May 2015

“I got Puppy Paws and Barbie today, and I just wanted to tell you that they both look amazing! I am so excited, they are like new! Barbie is 57 years old, and when I showed her to my mom last night she almost cried and said seeing Barbie so new and fresh looking was like being sent back in time!!” Puppy Paws the stuffed dog and Barbie the Bear’s family in MN, May 2015

“Just revived muffin!! He smells clean and is soooo soft! Thank you again! He’s happy to be home watching some tv after his long trip 🙂 ” Muffin the Jointed Teddy Bear’s person in NJ, May 2015

“You did such a great job…we’d recommend you to anyone.” Raggedy Ann’s family in CA, May 2015

“They arrived home safely today! Thank you so much, they both look amazing” Bear Bear and Cheer Bear the Care Bear’s person in MI, April 2015

“I am very happy with the result and lack the proper terms for expressing my gratitude. Your care has been gentle and considerate, for both patient and owner.” Aslan the Lion’s person in Canada, April 2015

“She looks perfect!! I am soooo happy!” Orangie (the Raggedy Ann doll)’s family, April 2015

“Cowie is back home and looks amazing!! Thank you!” Cowie the Puffalump’s person in OK, March 2015

“We could not be happier with the final result!! We are so grateful for the love and care you put into your work and we are so happy to have our special member of the family back safe and sound with us!!!thank you again for doing such a fantastic job!!!” Puppy’s family in TX, March 2015

“Elephant made it safely and looks awesome. Thank you. ” Elephant’s family in TN, March 2015


“Thank you again for taking such good care in treating these two. I am very happy with everything.” Monkey and Horse’s family in SC, March 2015

“He looks
absolutely amazing!!! I must say you truly are amazing
and all the reviews I read were completely accurate. Words cannot
express how thankful I am. I will gladly recommend your services
to anyone who might need them. I know not everyone understands the love that some of us
share with our “stuffies” but you truly do. Dr. Beth you do an amazing
job of changing people’s and “stuffies” lives.” George the blue bunny’s person in PA, March 2015

“Ellie arrived today! She looks great! I’m enjoying having her “fluffy” again. 🙂 Thanks again for your wonderful work- I’m so glad I found you!” Ellie the Puffalump’s person in VA, March 2015


“You did a fantastic job, Rusty looks years younger. :)” Rusty the stuffed reindeer’s person in CA, March 2015

“He’s back safe and sound and he looks great! Thank you so much for everything!” Sleepytime Winnie the Pooh’s family in CA, March 2015


“Moosie has just arrived home, safe and sound and looking very well fed! You did a great job Beth and it was fun working with you!” Moosie’s family in WA, February 2015


“Clownie has finally arrived! I was so happy to see her again earlier today. Thank you so much for all your hard work on her. She looks amazing!” Clownie the cloth doll’s person in OH, February 2015

“Thumper has arrived back with his mama, and she is ecstatic! Thank you so very much for the care you took rehabilitating him!” Thumper the Bunny’s family in San Francisco, February 2015


“Thank you so much for your work on Grizzlee. He’s just perfect! Never would I have dreamt he could be repaired as nicely as you have done. Now I can rest assured that if any of my other “babies” need repairs, I know exactly where to send them.” Grizzlee the teddy bear’s family in CA, February 2015


“My daughter received her beloved bear today! She called me crying because she thought I had thrown it away when she left for college! She thought I bought her another one since it looks brand new! You helped make a very stressful time in my daughters life a little sweeter. Thank you very much” Bear’s family in NC, February 2015

“JJ was waiting for us on the porch when we got home on Saturday. He looks just great and I’m so appreciative of the TLC you gave to him. Thanks again!” JJ the teddy bear’s family in NY, February 2015


“Bunny and Mom’s Cat just arrived! I opened the box and they both were so happy and glowing with love! Thank you so much. They told me they had a wonderful spa experience…They both look (and smell) fantastic. Thank you so much. I am so grateful that you took such wonderful care of them. Thank you!!!!” The cloth cat and stuffed bunny’s person in NYC, February 2015


“He made it and he looks amazing!” Teddy’s family in CA, February 2015

“Doctor Beth” ranks at the top of stuffed animal surgeons! She is highly skilled in restoration and cleaning, but more than that, she really understands the bond people (especially grown-ups) feel for their childhood “pets.” Pooh the puppet’s person in NY, February 2015


“Just wanted to say one more thank you and to send you a photo of Katty safe and sound. I will definitely recommend you to any of my friend that need this service.” Katty the Puffalump’s person in TX, January 2015


“Purple Bunny made it home safe and sound! Thank you for your excellent and speedy repair. She looks great!” Purple Bunny’s family in CA, January 2015

“He looks great!! Thanks again for everything, I will definitely recommend your business to others. You did a fantastic job, thanks again.” Tiger’s family in GA, January 2015


“JUST GOT MINNIE!!!!!!!! She looks awesome!!!!!! Thank you for all your work. I really appreciate it.” Minnie Mouse’s person in PA, January 2015

“Cindy Lu arrived safely home, I want to thank you again for the great job you did to help her look as good as she did when my daughter was little. I can’t wait for her to come over so we can surprise her.” Cindy Lu the Cloth Doll’s family in CA, January 2015

“Shadow and Ragtime Bear arrived safely at home today, and they both look so good I’m actually in a mild state of shock. You’re a wizard with a needle! ” Shadow the dog and Ragtime Bear the musical teddy bear’s person in CA, January 2015

“He looks great! He looks like he did when she first met him and feel in love. Great job!” Ralphie the large stuffed dog’s people in TX, January 2015


“Thanks again. So pleased in how blue bear turned out!” Blue Bear’s people in Colorado, January 2015


“E’s Reunion with her precious treasured Bunny exceeded all expectations…she unexpectedly burst into tears of love and joy as soon as she made eye contact with her Bunny. Your work is valuable on so many emotional and spiritual levels!” Bunny’s family in TX, January 2015

“Really appreciate all of your effort with this… he looks really great. We just got home and my son was thrilled to get him back and in such great condition! thank you again!” Duckie’s family in CT, January 2015

“We just wanted to thank you for all of your help reviving Froggy and George. The boys were very excited to see them under the tree Christmas morning (see attached photo). L. used to call Froggy, “Froggy with a Broken Eye” to differentiate him from Froggy’s brother (who is incidentally also named Froggy) to now calling him “Froggy that had a Broken Eye.”” Froggy and George’s family in VA, December 2014

“I’ve received Snoopy and he looks better than I could have imagined. Thanks so much! I will definitely be recommending your service to any friends who may be in need.” Snoopy’s person in Madrid, Spain, December 2014

“I received bear today and he’s just GREAT! I opened the box and my parents were there and they thought it was lovely to get him refurbished. My dad insisted on taking a picture of me with Bear like it was Christmas all over again 32 years later. HAHA. I guess it sort of was!” Bear’s person in TX, December 2014

“Totoro on Friday and gave him to my wife the same day. I wanted to surprise her for Christmas, but I was pretty excited about how good of a job you did so I showed her the pictures you sent me on Thursday night. She is very happy to have him sleeping in the bed with us! Thank you for working so hard to get him done before Christmas, and for doing such an amazing job!” Totoro’s people in TX, December 2014

“Cowie arrived home today. My daughter was thrilled to have her back and hasn’t let her go all evening. I really had my doubts when I sent you those photos, but you truly did an amazing job. Thank you so much!” Cowie’s family in WA, December 2014

“Thank you so much for taking such good care of Bear. He arrived safely yesterday, and looks terrific. The color match is great, and he is zipped back into his pooh pajamas and tucked into bed with our son. We think he will make it to the next generation to snuggle. Many thanks , again, for all the attention and care.” Bear’s family in PA, December 2014

“VIA elephant has arrived home today! W is most pleased with the job you did for him. Thank you for your expertise and kindness.” The VIA (very important animal) stuffed elephant’s people in FL, December 2014

“Just writing to tell you that Quasar arrived safely today. You did an amazing job! Thank you!” Quasar the stuffed fox’s person in Canada, December 2014

“Mr. Owl just arrived today, and he looks great!
His friends really missed him, and now they want to vacation in California too! We really appreciate the care and communication. K. has been singing your praises all day :)” Mr. Owl’s family in MI, December 2014

“Brownie arrived yesterday. I love that I no longer have to worry about him falling apart at any moment. Thanks so much for your hard work!” Brownie the Pound Puppy’s person in NY, December 2014

“He arrived and he is in great shape. He is his old self – and is biting everything in sight. We are so happy – thank you so much Beth.” Mr. Shark’s family in HI, December 2014

“Penguin arrived yesterday, and we are very happy. He looks great. Thank you very much for all of your help and care. My wife and I are very grateful. He’s very important to us, and you’ve breathed new life into him. We’ll be telling our family about this great experience.” Penguin’s family in MO, November 2014

“Maggie arrived safely yesterday morning! Thank you so much she is perfect!!!! I’m so happy she is home and thank you for all you did and for making her perfect! Your the best!” Maggie the stuffed bunny’s person in NY, November 2014

“You did wonderful work on our furry friends. Carrots has always been something of an evil genius, but now she looks the part.” Carrots the stuffed rabbit and Jeremy the stuffed Hedgehog’s family in CA, November 2014

“Mousie arrived today! He is deliciously squish-able, smells clean and is ready to be loved. The reconstruction you did on his nose is undetectable – a perfect match. I was so happy to get him back – and so grateful for the lovely job you did.” Mousie’s person in CA, November 2014

“Ginger turned out amazing – it brought a lot of smiles and our family is overwhelmed.” Ginger the stuffed dog’s family (across the country), November 2014

“Thank you for taking such good care of Eloise. My daughter is extremely happy to have her back.” Eloise (aka Weezie) the stuffed elephant’s family in CA, November 2014
It was nice to know that we had left her in the care of someone who gave her love and attention.

“I just picked up Dumper and he looks amazing! Thank you again for the wonderful work you did on him!” Dumper the stuffed Alley Cat’s family in NY, November 2014

“We got pop today and are so happy.he looks amazing. Thank you for all your hard work restoring him.” Pop the old teddy bear’s family in NJ, November 2014
, September 2014

“I got her & she looks fantastic!! I can’t thank you enough for fixing my life-long buddy!! I will definitely be recommending you to anyone who needs a caring repair.” Celeste the stuffed elephant’s person in WI, October 2014

“Blue doggie has arrived at our house, and my wife couldn’t be happier. Thank you very much for your great work!” Blue Doggie’s family in NY, October 2014

“We received the dragon tonight he looks good!! My son very happy! Thanks so much.” Dragon’s family in CA, October 2014

“Bunny arrived safe and sound yesterday and she looks great! we appreciated knowing that she arrived safely and your keeping us up to date on her status, including her return. Thanks again!” Bunny’s family in MA, October 2014

“Bernie and Lambie arrived today, safe and sound, and my daughter was thrilled. It is such a great remembrance of her childhood. It has been such a pleasure working with you. Thank you so very much.” Bernie and Lambie’s family in CO, October 2014

“I just wanted to thank you so much once again for the amazing work you did on Squealer. I will be able to give him more hugs and I definitely know where to go if he ever needs repairs again! You’re the first person I’ve ever left squealer with for more than a day, and I am glad you were able to return him to me so fast.” Squealer the stuffed pig’s person in CA, October 2014

” It means the world to me to have a happy, healthy Gunda back in my arms. He looks like I just bought him yesterday. If someone needs your stuffed annimal fixed then send them to Dr.Beth and your friend will look better then ever and be back in your arms in no time.” Gunda the teddy bear’s person in MA, October 2014

Gunda’s person wrote a whole story about his trip to the hospital, it’ll be up on the blog shortly

“He looks perfect!! He looks absolutely wonderful thanks so much Beth!!” Lionel the Lion’s family in TX, October 2014

“Thomas arrived home safe and sound this afternoon. He looks absolutely rejuvenated!” Thomas Teddy Bear’s person in DC, October 2014

“I chased the mailman down and got Lamby out of the box. She looks great! We are about to go on a joy ride. Reunited. Thanks for all your hard work. I’m going to post before and after pictures with a link to your website on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so everyone I know can see the marvelous results.” Lamby the stuffed lamb’s person in GA, October 2014

“He’s perfect. thank you. so glad to have him back. he’ll be getting lots of hugs and now when the niece and nephew visit i won’t freak out if they want to hug him, too.” Pandy’s person in CA, October 2014

“Incredible transformation! He is so clean and much more durable. Another 20 years have been added to his lifespan :)” Xiao Bai the stuffed dog’s people in Singapore, October 2014

“He looks wonderful! Thank you!” Pup-Pup’s person in OK

“I can’t express enough gratitude to you for repairing my best friend. You asked questions on how I wanted him to look and feel. It felt great being involved in the process. Never in my life have I seen him clean and wow! He looks amazing!” Mousey’s person in CA, September 2014

“The sheep arrived in safe and sound condition! Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did – it’s brilliant!” Sheep’s family in OH, September 2014

“Pupcakes arrived in the mail yesterday. Thank you so much for taking such good care of him. He looks fabulous! His nose and mouth look amazing and he is so clean!!! I missed him a ton, but his time at the spa and in your care was worth it. You are the best!” Pupcakes’s person in MA, September 2014

“Tintin just arrived today!! Thank you so, so much! It was like Christmas this morning!! She looks so wonderful and I think you’ve such a wonderful job! I will definitely be recommending you to anyone I know who wants to get their stuffed animals touched up!” Tintin’s person in Australia, September 2014

“Pink Bear made it home safely and he looks great!! Thank you so much!!” Pink Bear’s person in NC, August 2014

“Woof-woof and Kitty looked wonderful and the children absolutely squealed when they go their animals out of the box. They have both been literally hanging on to them ever since.” Woof-Woof and Kitty’s family in Amsterdam, August 2014

“Hippo hasn’t left J’s sight since he laid eyes on him. Thank you for doing a wonderful job restoring his ears, tail, paw and face stitching. He’s also a robust hippo once more (skinny hippos are, well, weird!) and has his nice color back. He smells nice too.” Hippo’s family in MA, August 2014

“They look incredible!!! I just wanted to say thank you so much! I especially appreciate the personalized care that they received from your hospital.” Lami & Littlelamb’s person in CA, August 2014

” I just wanted to shoot you a quick email and say thank you. Tiger is better than ever, and I could not be happier. He’s been in my life for as long as I can remember and to have him stitched up, stuffed full and in one piece means a whole lot to me. Thank you so much for everything” Tiger’s person, July 2014

“Mousey and George arrived today. They look great!” Mousey and Curious George’s person in CA, July 2014

“Billy Bob arrived home safely today!! As you may imagined I was over joyed! He looks wonderful and healthy. Thank you for caring for him and his health. He told me all about his stuffing diet of cookies. He is now napping from the trip. Thank you again from the bottom of my happy heart.” Billy Bob the Teddy Bear’s person in CA, July 2014

I got Bunny today! She’s perfect and I can’t thank you enough for the work you did! I wouldn’t trust her with anyone else and I’m so thankful for Realms of Gold(:(:” Bunny’s person in NY, June 2014

“Thank you for the wonderful restoration of Pha, who resembles his once former glory! It’s delightful to have his beak back, and he smells so good. The kids are giving him lots of love. I think he has another 30 years in him!” Pha’s Family in MA (he’s a stuffed dolphin), June 2014

“We received Bear today! He looks fantastic!! You did awesome job! Thank you again!!” Bear’s family in SC, June 2014

“He’s home!!!! He looks fabulous…. just like I remember him from when I was little and we shared so many adventures. I so appreciate the care and obvious love you put into bringing him “back to the days of Christopher Robin and Pooh…. I swear that old bear whispered, Girl, Welcome home…” Thank you for that.” “The Most wonderful bear in the world’s” person in IL, June 2014

“Lanky arrived home safely today! I don’t know who was more excited to see him, my daughter or me! 🙂 He looks wonderful! Thank you so much for taking great care of him!” Lanky the teddy bear’s family in NY, June 2014

“TutTut arrived home safe and sound to a very happy boy. Thanks you so much for your wonderful work on him.” TutTut the Penguin’s family in TN, June 2014

“so happy with how he turned out. He’s off to camp this week with her. thanks so much.” Longfellow the Giraffe’s family in TX, June 2014

“Lars and Alicia arrived safely and my girls are so excited to be reunited with their bears. [She is] so happy with how Lars turned out. Thank you so much. You did a great job.” Lars the polar bear and his sister brown bear Alicia’s family in CA, June 2014

” Jumbo arrived safely to our home and looks absolutely amazing.Thank you soooo much for being such a caring and sensitive individual doing this very special task of fixing people’s “special friends and security.” I love what you do and will definitely recommend your special talent to others.” Jumbo the stuffed elephant’s Grandma in VT, June 2014

The above message actually came from Jumbo’s grandma, who he was sent to since his person travels a lot. I had been conversing with his person originally and through his care, so the note from his extended family was an extra nice surprise. — Beth

“Putta arrived on my doorstep today. He looks WONDERFUL! Thank you so much for the great job!” Putta the Puffalump Duck’s family in CA, June 2014

“The bears made it here the other day and I just wanted to thank you. They look and smell amazing , and my husband seriously hugged the large bear (yogi) for about a minute! Thanks so much for helping us with the bears so that they may live on for another generation!” Yogi and the brown puppet bear’s family in CA, June 2014

“Thank yo so much Ringo and [our son] were reunited yesterday. I am sure you could hear the fan fair from there. All is right in our home again. Thanks so much. He looks fantastic.” Ringo the striped stuffed animal in CA, May 2014

“My teddy has now resumed being the master of all he surveys in our house,’cos he’s so full of confidence now that he looks his old self! don’t hesitate to contact me if you need a reference” Teddy’s person in CA, May 2014

“Safe and sound and he looks great. Our son is over-the-moon happy and relieved. So are we. We can’t thank you enough.” Puppy the stuffed dog’s family in NY, May 2014

“Doraemon was very happy with his stay at Dr. Beth’s Spa & Hospital. He was treated to a rejuvenation: replacement of old parts and strengthening delicate parts. We special ordered a carrying bag and a handmade costume that fits him perfectly and brings out his inner bear! He can’t wait to come back again for another costume! Thank you, Dr. Beth!” Doraemon the Cosplaying stuffed animal’s family in CA, May 2014

“Georgey made it home safe and sound a few days ago. He looks wonderful!! Thank you so very much for fixing and making him whole again. Your work is truly amazing. Words can’t express my appreciation.” Georgey the stuffed monkey’s person in MD, April 2014

“George arrived safely yesterday! He looks fantastic and seems to have lost some weight with his new “real” stuffing – my mom now wants me to send her to you for a “spa treatment” so that she can come back younger and lighter 🙂 ” Curious George’s family in NY, April 2014

“We can tell very much by the way you do your work that you care a lot about the patients you treat. It’s important, because it’s such a sensitive topic for many people, that the patients (and the families) are treated with respect. You made it very easy for us to feel comfortable and confident. That made the decision to go with you very easy.” Scottie the stuffed dog’s family in DC, April 2014

“I just received him in the mail on Friday and was so happy to see him again. Thanks for all of your hard work!!! I really appreciate it :)” Bunny’s person in MA, March 2014

“Beth, he looks fabulous! He’s exactly the same as I’ve always known him. I love those silly ears. Thank you so much! I have already recommended you to a friend whose bear lost an eye to their new puppy.” Thumps the Bunny’s person in CA, March 2014

“Thank you again for restoring Ernie. He’s better and brighter (and chubbier!) in person than even the pictures showed! I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have such an important part of my childhood restored to such amazing condition. I will be sure to recommend your dolly hospital to new patients.” Ernie (the muppet)’s person in MA, March 2014

“I received Pot Belly Bear today! I was so excited to open the box.He looks wonderful and smells great too! You did a wonderful job. Thank you so much, you really have no idea how important he is to me. Thank you for bringing him back to life!” Pot Belly Teddy Bear’s Person in PA, March 2014

“You did such a great job–my dad actually teared up when he saw a picture of him (he’s who picked the bear out for me twenty-six years ago!). You were very understanding, sympathetic, and careful with my attachment to Bear and acted as if he was your own. Thank you for all you’ve done! The world is lucky to have someone like you to take care of our “best friends.” :)” Bear the teddy bear’s family in FL, March 2014

“My husband said he has to go in a case now….I just want to hug the hell out of him!! I am so excited like I said I will definitely spread the word. Thanks again for everything!!!!” Pooh’s family in NY, March 2014

“Thank you so much for the wonderful work you did on Trey. The only downside is that he’s talking more than ever. About all his new friends he met there, how nice you were, and on and on and on.”, Trey the California Brown Pie Bear’s people in San Francisco, March 2014

Thank you so much for your quick work! D. hasn’t let Lion out of his sight since he has arrived home! This is one happy pair!” Lion’s family in CO, March 2014

“Just wanted to let you know that Jamba arrived yesterday and my girlfriend was so moved and she loved it. Thank you again for everything.” Jamba the stuffed bunny’s family in CA, March 2014

“We received Teddy, thank you so much! He looks well rested and all ready to go.” Teddy’s family in NY, February 2014

“Beth he looks great! We’re very happy with him! Thank you so much again ! He’s amazing !” Corky the pot-bellied Koala’s family in CA, February 2014

“She has arrived home safe and sound and looking better than ever. She really is perfect. Thank you!” Raggedy Ann’s person in CA, February 2014

“Bow WOW!! Thank you so very very much. He looks amazing! Happy tears here!” Cuddle Pup’s family in CA, January 2014

“I got my buddy yesterday. Thank you again for fixing him up. I made a note on my Facebook page and recommended your business. I also wanted to thank you for demonstrating business and customer integrity. I was not expecting to be reimbursed for over paying. You are very kind. I wish you and your business all the best.” Pup-poon the stuffed dog’s person in DE, January 2014

” Eddie just arrived. He looks amazing. My wife is so happy she wont let him go. Thank you!” Eddie the Vampire Doll’s family in OK, January 2014

“Teddy arrived home safely yesterday. He looks wonderful! Thank you again for your love and care of him.” Teddy’s person in NY, January 2014

“She is so happy she [Scratch] is fixed now, she hasn’t put her down all night. Thank you for your work! She really does look great.” Scratch the cat’s family in GA, January 2014

“We received Bunny yesterday, and would not have been happier with the results.” Bunny’s family in VA, January 2014

“Thank you again.You did a wonderful job….” A (formerly) Very Sick Raggedy Ann’s person in NC, January 2014


“Thank you so much! Binky came home today and my son is in love. He immediately grabbed him and giggled, and hasn’t put him down.” Binky the Stuffed Monkey’s family in CA, January 2014


“Just received the penguin in the mail. He looks amazing. Awesome work!” Bud the stuffed Penguin’s people in CA, January 2014


“Bunny arrived home in time to hide under the Christmas tree and surprise J. She was extremely happy and cried with joy at how nice Bunny looked.” Bunny’s family in CA, December 2013


“Got clowny, she is wonderful! Thank you sooo much. I’m sure their is a special place for you in heaven!” Clowny’s family in TX, Dec. 2013


I’ll take heaven if the fairy godmother gig doesn’t work out! 🙂 (see below).


“Abigail arrived today! My girlfriend loved her! Thank you do much :)” Abigail the Snake’s people in VA, Dec. 2013


“Thank you so very much for all your TLC… Wanda had arrived and was beautiful!” Wanda the Cabbage Patch Kid’s family in CA, December 2013


“Laya… is ready for a lifetime of adventure again! Thank you so much for understanding how important she is and for making her look like herself again. You are truly a stuffed animal angel/fairy godmother.” Laya the stuffed dog’s family in IL, December 2013


I love being a fairy godmother! — Beth


“Diana just arrived and she looks great! Thank you so much for your amazing work and professionalism. If Diana should ever need more repairs, we know exactly who to go to.” Diana the stuffed cow’s family in CA, December 2013

“Red Doggie is safe and sound at home now. He looks years younger! And I just love how he can now stand up on his own and his beanies still rattle! You did an excellent job. Thank you!” Red Doggie’s family in PA, December 2013

“She made it home and looks amazing thank you so much!” Doggie the stuffed dog’s person in ID, December 2013

“You’ve done an excellent job. Most exemplary. My family is quite amazed of the work you’ve done on Bear. You’ve have done a great service for me but mostly for Bear.” Bear’s person in CA, November 2013

“They’re home and they look great! Thanks again for taking such good care of my Raggedies.” Raggedy Ann and Andy’s person (and soon to be new grandma) in Alabama, November 2013

“Ted looks wonderful . You made him look normal again.” Teddy’s grandperson in Washington, November 2013


“Baby arrived today and we are very happy about her condition. Thank you so much for restoring a piece of my girlfriends life back to her. This means a lot to us, and I can’t thank you enough.” Baby the Teddy Bear’s people in Indiana, November 2013

“Well, Teddy, being the social butterfly that he is ,is tickled pink to be able to tell others about the great time he had on the west coast! And the wonderful new “fluffies” he has! Thank again for sending Teddy back to us in such fine spirits!” Teddy’s family in NY, October 2013


“[My son was] so thrilled to have Harvey home again he sat him down on the kitchen floor and sat in his lap. Thank you so very much for your efforts we are all thrilled.” Harvey the Giant Bunny’s family in WA, October 2013

“I can’t thank you enough. He looks and feels absolutely perfect. It’s so great to have my bunny back and not be scared he will fall apart on me. Thank you so so much! :D” Roger the stuffed Rabbit’s Person in CA, October 2013

“Thank you for restoring Bo Bo for us! My husband was really surprised & brought back many happy memories for him. We couldn’t be happier with the way he turned out.” Bobo the stuffed monkey’s family in Virginia, September 2013

“Chumba … looks awesome! The new fur matches him so
well and the flannel looks great on his paws and ears… and I know
his head must have been really hard to sew back on, but it is on nice
and tight now so he won’t constantly be leaking stuffing. I was so
happy to see him! Thanks so much for your help.” Chumbawumba the Teddy Bear’s person in IL, September 2013


“Meep-meep arrived safely. Thank you for the expedient, expert care and love you put into your business. My son is one happy boy!” Meep-meep the stuffed Roadrunner’s family in California, August 2013

“He looks perfect! Wow, you did an amazing job with him. I am very pleased with the results and he looks much better than what I expected.” Burrito the Donkey’s person in Canada, August 2013


“Beth, thanks so much for your loving care & repair of Pooh & Raggedy. I’m so glad we made the effort to bring them back from their run-in with the washer. Now my childhood Raggedy & my husband’s Pooh (which was purchased at Harrods in London) will be loved by our little girl (gently of course).” Raggedy & Pooh’s family in San Francisco, Aug. 2013


“IM OVER WHELMED SHE LOOKS BEAUTIFUL YOU HAVE DONE AN AMAZING JOB. THANK YOU BLESS YOU …LOLA arrived today and i couldn’t be happier. she looks wonderful. I just wanted to say thank you again and to let you know i will refer you to any and everyone i come in contact with who may need your services.”Lola’s person in AZ, August 2013


Lola’s person only wanted her yellow recovered, so the orange was left alone on purpose

“Ella has arrived and she looks fabulous! Thank you so much for putting her back together.” Ella the stuffed elephant’s person in FL, August 2013

” I got Sister Bunny today. She is perfect! … I will happily send any folks I hear of needing some animal repair your way.” Sister Bunny’s family in CA, August 2013


“Thank you very much for your fast work! Lily arrived yesterday completely safe and sound” Lily the stuffed rabbit’s person in Ca, August 2013


“He looks beautiful… Thanks he looks great…You can quote anything you want and my wife saw the picture and cried” De’s family in NY, July 2013


De is a Rumple Bear. Here she is before and after

“My doll arrived safely today – she looks great. Thanks for the nice work and the quick turnaround time.” Antique Doll’s person in NV, June 2013


“I just wanted to let you know Russ and Hearty Bear arrived safe and sound! Thank you again so much!! Russ looks like his old self!” Russ and Hearty Bear’s person in Colorado, June 2013


“I cannot thank you enough 🙂
I really appreciate you working on him! It took a lot for me to send him out to get him all fixed up. So thank you!” Dog’s Person in CO, May 2013

“i would like to say thankyou for the wonderful job you did fixing Hoo Hoo !
You’re work is greatly appreciated & you are very talented . Thanks again 🙂 !”
HooHoo the Monkey’s person in CA, May 2013

“He looks great! He looks fantastic! Great communication. I can’t say enough good things. He looks like a new man!” James Aristide (the doll)’s family in Arizona, April 2013

“He arrived safely! Thank you for the remarkable work!” Pip in KY March 2013

Here is Pip’s Teddy Bear, before and after

“I just wanted to let you know that Puppy arrived safe and sound yesterday! A. is thrilled with how he looks and is very happy to have him back!
Thanks so much for everything!” Puppy’s family in NJ March 2013

“He arrived today and looks incredible! Thank you once again for the excellent care you took of my precious item.” Teddy’s person in MA, February 2013

“Beth, He arrived yesterday afternoon and looks fabulous! Thanks again!” Spots’ family in MA, February 2013

“Thank you so much! She looks great and her coat is much whiter, I can’t thank you enough for fixing her! I will be sure to recommend you to my friends as well! ” Uni’s person in Missouri, January 2013

“Whalie came home safe and sound today! Thank you for packaging him so securely. He looks better than he has in a long long time. Your stitching is impeccable…you’re right it looks better than the original seam. I am very impressed with how Whalie was handled and if I, or someone I know has a stuffed animal emergency I know who to send them to! Thank you so much” Whalie’s person in Seattle, December 2012

“I want you to know that Ernie arrived her safe and sound and it’s wonderful to have him back. You did a great job restoring him, particularly given all the challenges involved in the project. He’s so sturdy now, I don’t feel like he’s going to fall apart if I pick him up. And his pants fit! (smile)” Ernie’s person in MA, December 2013

“Just wanted to say a very BIG THANK YOU for making SoftBaby snuggable again!!!!! B. was so excited when she saw SoftBaby!!!! B. will enjoy many more years with her!!!! So grateful for your work!!!!!!!!”B’s mom in NY, November 2012


“AJ has arrived and is so clean and snuggly! Her hair looks great and I’m so glad the stains came out! Thank you for all your hard work!” Nancy, AJ’s person in Georgia, November 2012 (photos coming soon!)


“Thank you so much for your care for the 2 kids. I am so grateful they are back looking healthier and sturdier than before!” Lo Mug & Pighead’s person in Hong Kong! September 2012


“My son was really awed that we had Big Bear healed. It was amusing that he especially liked being able to tell Big Bear had a new arm and scars (new patches). We all enjoyed reading the discharge instructions and they will be kept as another memento. My husband and I were so thankful that we found you and you were so quick to give Big Bear his miracle recovery.” Big Bear’s family in CA, September 2012

“Thanks again for restoring/re-furbishing our 48 year old teddy bear. I am going to recommend you.” Teddy’s family in CA, August 2012

“I wanted to let you know that Teddy arrived safe and sound…We brought Teddy out to C and snuggled him up. The smile and look on C’s face was priceless!!! He is so happy as are we…We appreciate your most excellent service!!!” Teddy’s family in VA, August 2012

“Mr. Moose and the rest of the family asked me to write you to send our love (from the Moose) and thanks (from the family) . He arrived yesterday in a HUGE box. He looks terrific! Thank you so much for fixing him up for us. He is vastly improoved. Reports this moring are that he’s much softer and more huggable… You do terrific work! ” Mr. Moose’s family from Texas, August 2012

“Beth did a truly spectacular job in restoring Archie the penguin, my wife, Corby’s, favorite childhood doll. Archie now looks almost like brand new!! I am so impressed that I recommending Realms of Gold to all of our friends, encouraging them to contact Beth if they or their children have any cherished dolls that would benefit from restoration. Thank you Beth!” Gary in CA


Doogan’s home! He looks wonderful. Thank you so so much for taking good care of him. I have had him for 35 years and he never looked better! You do super work and have great communication. Doogan’s person in NY, July 2012


“You truly put my at ease while Lamby was in your care with constant communication and updates. And more important, my 35 year old stuffed lamb returned home in amazing condition. All of his “wounds” had disappeared and he looked like he’d been fed well and really enjoyed his stay at your hospital. ” Daisy, Lamby’s person in San Francisco, June 2012.


“I just LOVE the doll!! I am so surprised to receive it this quickly and excited to share with my family this weekend. It is absolutely beautiful, you have a great talent.” Kathleen in CA, May 2012


“HE LOOKS FANTASTIC! Pictures actually brought my mother to tears to see how much care went into his mending.”Nathan, Patrick the Sock Monkey’s person, April 2012


“Just got back into the country and was reunited with teddy. He looks amazing. Thank you so much for all your hard word. I’ve already recommended you to several friends.” Courtny in CA, April 2012


“Thank you so much for taking care of Mike. He is back home now and all is well. You did a wonderful job on him. We are very happy!” Jerry in CA, March 2012


“Charlotte got here in one piece last week. Thanks again for your help! I greatly appreciate it, she looks amazing!” Tasha in MO, February 2012


“Beth, Lynn arrived safely yesterday. We were Skypeing later that evening with our daughter, who is in a Masters in Social Work Program in Boston. She had had a hard week, and when we surprised her by showing her a refurbished Lynn, she broke down and cried. So we are sending Lynn to her this year for Valentines Day. Thanks for your work. It made our daughter’s week!” Lynn’s family in Washington, February 2012


Bentley arrived home safely and looks wonderful. Thank you so much for making him better everyone is delighted! Bentley’s family in SD, December 2011


“Beth! Raggedy Ann arrived safe and sound last night. She looks great. Thanks so much for your patience with me. Great job!:)” Danielle in CA, December 2011


“Bob arrived home yesterday. He looks fantastic! (And smells even better!) Thank you again for your care” Bob the Beagle’s person, September2011


“Snoopy made it home last night. How nice to see him looking like his old self. My son was absolutely delighted to sleep with him. Thanks for making this an easy process and for taking such care in restoring him.” Snoopy’s person in Washington State, September 2011

“Ziggy looks great! He looks like he has a tan! And, I really like the fabric… I also want to thank you again, Beth, you did such a magnificent job on restoring Ziggy! Thank you!!!” Yolanda in CA, June 2011


“Teddie just arrived @ my door. I couldn’t be happier and he looks AMAZING with his new set of peepers!MANY MANY thanks for doing such a great job on him and I am super thrilled to have him back home. Your professionalism and quick work was greatly appreciated. I don’t think I would have received the same type of treatment from any other company. I am so happy I found you.” Amy from NY, April 2011

“Our Little Honey arrived today safe and sound. What a outstanding job you did, thank you so much.” Little Honey’s family in CA, March 2011

I got her yesterday! She looks great!
Thanks so much – what a wonderful transformation. : ) Raggedy Ann’s Person in CA, January 2011

“I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your amazing skill in restoring my childhood memory (of my Winnie the Pooh doll) back to its former self.” Alex in California, December 2010

“Thank you for your amazing repair job on my stuffy, i can’t believe how good he looks, you honestly surpassed my every expectation and returned my amazing lami back to me, thank you so much for everything you’ve done.” Lami’s 13 year old boy, October 2010


Thank you so much. My little pal arrived today and he looks wonderful. I’ve selected a place in my home where he can sit peacefully animal and children free. I can’t thank you enough, I am complete once again. 🙂 Simon the Mouse’s person, September 2010


“Eric Bodo arrived home today. You did a really good job with him. It’s pretty clear you treated him like he was one of your own. Your workmanship was very impressive. You did such a good job with the stitching and re-stuffing that he now feels ready to go another 31 years – hopefully longer, though.” Stephen, April 2010


“Snoopy arrived and he is awesome!!! Thanks so much!” Ryan in Washington, December 2009

My Raggedies have made in back to New York yesterday. They look absolutely fabulous, better than I could ever have imagined.” Raggedy Ann & Andy’s Mom, NY January 2010


“Yay! We are all very happy that Jungle is home. Thank you so, so much; she looks even better … with the full white triangle restored. You’re a miracle doctor! We are grateful for your tender care of Jungle.” Jungle Kitty’s family in California, December 2009


“Thanks so much again….She’s beautiful, and much more huggable now! Patty from Idaho, August 2009


“…over joyed to see Maria with a new outfit!! She looks very healthy and
younger now!

We will never forget your kindness and concern for us!” Maria’s family in California, March 2009


“Raggedy Ann is home and i could just cry. She is soooo Beautiful…I took her to work and everybody loved her. Thanks so much. She will be cherished for another 40 years.” Joyce in Illinois, April 2008


“I just wanted to touch
base with you one more time to say thank you once again, and let you know how
happy I am with the way Boy turned out! I really appreciate all of your
attention to detail, and the quick turnaround time. Thank you very, very much!”

Boy’s Dad  San Francisco, May 2007


“Thank you for all your hard work…. Teddy is back and I feel much better” Teddy’s Mom in California, November 2007.


I love him. He’s just
perfect!” Andy’s “Mom”, Astoria, OR

“”What a great job you’ve done!  They look terrific!”  Anne and
Andy’s “Mom” Australia, Nov. 2006