Hospital Fairy Tale Dolls

Realms of Gold, Inc. has two parts:

a cloth doll and stuffed animal repair hospital


a fairy tale doll studio

Check out this great blog post about one of our patients, Lamby. Thanks to Daisy, Lamby's person and an amazing writer.

I've been writing a blog of my own recounting tales of many of the hospital's patients with before and after stories. I update it MUCH more frequently than this page. 🙂 Check it out at

In the Cloth Doll and Stuffed Animal Repair Hospital, I repair and rejuvenate favorite dolls, teddy bears, and other stuffed animals so they can be played with again. Our patients range in age from a few months (an unfortunate run in with a family pet) to nearly a century. They have come from as far away as Australia, New Zealand, and Japan, and as close as down the street.

In the Fairy Tale Doll Studio, I create custom one-of-a-kind reversible dolls and stuffed animals inspired by folktales from around the globe.