Stuffed animal repair: Habersham the felt dog’s injuries

The Stuffed animal repair of very dapper Habersham

Habersham’s is a felt and knit dog who was in desperate need of wound treatment. He came with a truly interesting backstory. His person wrote:

We met up a little over 6 years ago when we traveled to a little town in North Carolina to take a tour of a house we hoped to build in Ohio.  He (Habersham) was a memento of that trip and the house we fell in love with during it, and has had a spot in our living room ever since. 

Fast forward 6 years, and alas we are within weeks of moving into this very house.  The journey to get here has been long and arduous.  After so many delays we were finally able to start construction, only to have a builder steal money, followed by months of delays and hassles with a new builder.  What was intended to be a dream has been a veritable nightmare, and has taken its toll on us in more ways than I can count.

So, of course, we were excited to have Habersham come along with us to help bring some good energy and fond memories to the house.  Unfortunately our cleaning lady threw him in the basket of dog toys earlier today for some reason and before we discovered him the puppy had.  Alas, he is a little too much like me these days, tattered and a bit worse for the wear.

Here is the diagnosis photos they sent:


What you can’t see, is in addition to the leg and muzzle wounds, Habersham also lost the tip of his tail. But otherwise, he really was in good shape, and still quite a dapper fellow.

The plan was just to treat his wounds, but in order to make the scars as inconspicuous as possible, we would take a small transplant of fabric from the back of his head to use to repair his muzzle, then repair the leg with new fabric as needed. No spa for Habersham, the puppy had not been particularly slobbery. 🙂

Here he is, just before he went home. Wounds repaired, new nose, new tail tip, and looking dapper and dashing again, ready to grace his new home with luck, smiles, and hugs.


His family wrote:

He looks great!  Thank you for getting that done.  I love that his “patch” is on the back and hardly noticeable.

And Habersham flew home to his new Ohio home.

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