December 2016

I got a call last week from someone about the stuffed animal hospital. They must have come to this page and not the hospital page or tumblr (here), since they thought I hadn’t updated anything for a year. That’s when I logged on here and figured out that nope, I’d been so busy I hadn’t written an update since January! I’m so sorry! I hope most of you have followed the links at the left to the hospital and the tumblr where you can see many many of my patients in before and after shots. Honestly, the hospital home page is mostly updated with kind words from patients and their people, and it’s great to read if you’re feeling blue. The Hospital Blog has all the photos and much more detailed stories. So please do check them out!

This year I’ve treated over 520 patients! Lions and tigers and bears and Raggedies and Best Friends and unidentified stuffed lovies. So, you can see why it took me some time to update this! They came from as far as Hungary, and flew home to places like Iceland. The states with the most patients were California (makes sense, they have the shortest flights) and Texas. Again, all the photos are on the blog, and all the comments are on the hospital page, but here I try to feature custom dolls, so I thought I’d show you the most recent one. She’s a sweet little clown who was a twin. The original lives with her person, and I only ever saw a 25 year old photo of her. This twin was made for the original owner’s new baby. It was ordered as a surprise by Grandma.

Here she is:

And when the new clown made it home to Massachusetts, Grandma wrote:
The clown just arrived and it is better than I could have imagined!
I hope you all have a wonderful 2017!

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January 2016

Happy New Year! 2015 was an extraordinarily busy year in the hospital (I treated over 400 patients) and saw patients come from as far away as Serbia and Thailand! The oldest patient was from World War II! He is an Elephant named Elsifer. Here he is before and after cleaning and recovering:

The latest custom doll was a Thumbelina and the Mole reversible doll (Thumbelina sits in her flower, and actually is a separate doll, but the flower turns over to reveal Mr. Mole). They went home to San Francisco just in time for Christmas!

January is already packed with some patients who came in in December knowing they wouldn’t have surgery till January, and many more coming in after spending the holidays at home with their people. There’s a giant Snoopy getting a spa, a monster in pieces, a few spotted dogs, and 20 some-odd others all in various stages of healing. All have resolved to stay away from washers, dryers, and family pets in the new year, and to provide lots of hugs to their people.


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September 2015

HELLO!!!! I know, I’ve been quite remiss in keeping this page up to date, although if you follow the blog at you’ll know I’ve been really busy! I’ve had literally hundreds of patients come through the hospital since the start of the year. Some are very short turn arounds, like the giant teddy bear who needed supplemental stuffing to prop up his neck. And some are here quite a while, like the tiny kitten, Keisha, who had a spa and several fur transplant operations. That’s them in the photo below, waiting to go home.

Custom dolls and puppets still go to new homes across the country as well. The latest was a rabbi hand puppet (you can find them on the Jewish Fairy Tales page, even though they’re not fairy tales! Here’s the custom guy:

For now, it’s back to the patients: two cheshire cats, a bunch of teddy bears (including one named Owl), a large Raggedy Ann, a tiny dog, a puppy, and a Pooh.


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January 2015

Happy New Year all! I’m busy updated the hospital pages (see link at left) and the blog (another link at left) as the patients are now under control (there were over thirty in the hospital at one time last month!). I also sent some custom dolls home for the holidays, so I thought I’d give you a few photos. Last to travel, first in the photos, this Babe the Blue Ox stuffed animal traveled overnight the weekend before Christmas to make it under the tree in time. Here he is with Paul:

The Babes are still the best sellers online. You can see more of them here.


Twin East of the Sun West of the Moon dolls also went home. I love the custom ones, because I get to spend extra time on them. These travelled home to Missouri.

You can find out more about the East of the Sun West of the Moon dolls here.


And, as I mentioned, there were LOTS of patients! Here’s just one that went home for Christmas. He had a spa, eye transplants, nose reconstruction, fur transplants, and whiskers, just to name a few treatments!

Here he is when he arrived at the hospital (on the left) and heading home (on the right).
He was a surprise Christmas gift. This is the email I received on December 30:
“I just wanted to let you know that I have the new and improved Dumper the Alley Kat to his owner on Christmas and he was so excited! He can’t get over how good he looks and Dumper has been hugged tightly every night since. I’m glad the two childhood buddies have been reunited! Thank you again!”
Isn’t that a great way to end the old year?


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September 2012


Our summer has been quite interesting here at Realms of Gold, Inc. We’ve sent Queen Esther and Paul Bunyan to new homes around the country, and had patients fly in from Hong Kong! One patient had had the unusual experience of being chewed by, not a puppy, but a ferret! Here is the ferret patient, with her eye reinstalled. Below her are the two patients from Hong Kong, Lo Mug and Pighead, ready to fly home. The dog was cleaned, both were restuffed, and both had some new reenforcing patches added to worn areas of their fur. Their person said “Thank you so much for your care for the 2 kids. I am so grateful they are back looking healthier and sturdier than before!”

The teddy below visited the hospital in February 2012. The photo below shows him before and after treatment. before and after treatment. He needed a lot of work to be ready for a baby shower: cleaning, restuffing, new eyes, all new fur, nose touch up. His person, in NY called every week he was in the hospital, and the day he got home. “I love him!” she said — over and over again!”

In the artist studio, I create hundreds of huggable, one of a kind cloth dolls, stuffed animals, and puppets based on traditional folk and fairytale characters from around the globe.  Made of fine yarns and fabrics, my creations are as happy telling stories in a classroom, sleeping in a three year old’s arms, or sitting on a collector’s shelf.

Most of the dolls are reversible. For instance, turn the Queen of Hearts (below) around to find Alice, turn either upside down and there is the white rabbit. This popular doll is 3 characters in one huggable creation! Click on any of the links on the left to see more of our fairy tale dolls.

And here is a cusomized version where the White Rabbit turns into the Cheshire Cat, designed as a special order in May 2012.


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December 2012

The hospital is full, and the custom orders keep rolling in. Two eight puppet hand puppet sets just went to Kentucky, and our hospital patients are here for everything from a brief sprucing up to a full cleaning and reconstruction. They range from Sesame Street’s Ernie to Santa to a number of stuffed animals. I just wanted to take a second though to point you all to our latest kudos in the blogosphere. Buddy the big brown bear had to wait till the SF Giants won the series before he could leave home to come to the hospital. Now that he’s home, his person, Cathy, has helped him tell the story of his visit here. Check it out!

I’ve added more new compliments on the Hospital page, and will be putting new before and after photos up early in the new year, so keep posted!

Happy Holidays to you all!


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January 2013

We’ve moved! Only a few miles, to a lovely new location in Los Altos, right on the Mountain View border. The studio hospital now has MUCH more light, and more room for the dolls, patients, and supplies. We’ve already had a number of visitors, including a short term patient, a small teddy bear now on his way home to Japan with his person! The first doll born in the new studio was a pirate princess, but I am now hard at work on a new monster under the bed, and a rabbi hand puppet, in addition to the aforementioned patients. I hope all of your new years are starting off as wonderful and exciting as ours has been here at Realms of Gold, Inc.!

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March 2013

Thank you to all of you have made this the busiest winter in Realms of Gold’s history! I have had patients from around the globe, ranging from traditional teddy bears to dogs, tigers, and unicorns (oh my)! And everyone seems to be going home to happy humans (check out some of the recent comments on our hospital page. I’m also adding some new original characters, including a steampunk Mad Hatter. His photo isn’t quite ready yet, but here are some before and after photos of two of our recent patients.


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April/May 2013

Thanks to all of you, we just keep getting busier and busier! New designs are going out the door almost as quickly as I make them, such as our new lady rabbi handpuppet, below. We also continue to have a wide range of patients in the hospital, including one of our largest (a four foot donkey) and one of the smallest (a 5 inch teddy bear). One of our most intersting patients this month was James Aristead Bonvillain. A 48 year old soldier doll who had an unfortunate run-in with a bulldog named Jasper and needed a face transplant. He went home last week and his people called to say “He looks like a new man! I can’t say enough good things!” Pictures of James before and after are below.

This week I’ll be sending more patients home as I prepare for our first show of 2013! We’ll be in Mountain View at the A La Carte and Art this coming weekend, May 4-5, from 10-6 each day, so come visit and see our latest original dolls, puppets, and stuffed animals. We’ll be in space #221, right on Castro Street in Downtown Mountain View.


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July 2013

Hello everyone! This weekend, July 13-14 is the Los Altos Art and Wine Festival. This is usually our busiest show of the year, and in preparation I have a bunch of new dolls, including furry monsters for under the bed, and a couple of gorgeous new Red Riding Hoods whose grandma’s look like nobility. My good camera went travelling with a friend for the past few weeks, so I don’t have any pictures — you really don’t want my phone photos. You’ll just need to come to the show and see them all yourselves. 🙂

I’ll be in space #305, which is on the north side of State Street, near Third Street, in lovely Downtown Los Altos. I’m usually set up pretty early, so if you want to beat the heat and the crowds, and get first pick of the dolls and stuffed animals, then feel free to come any time after 9 am. Officially, the show runs from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Oh, and don’t forget to bring your own bags this year, as Los Altos has a new bag ordinance and I need to charge 10 cents if I give you one.

For those of you looking for new hospital stories, never fear, the hospital is still as busy as ever! I’ve had several patients come with friends to keep them company during their stay, bears and cloth dolls, and one patient even brought a book to read. Most have gone home, another goes home tomorrow, and I have a Rumple Bear with two friends and a very old little Raggedy Ann undergoing treatment at the moment. A Half Pint doll just arrived by FedEx, as well. I’ve done a bit of modification on the hospital pages, they now match the rest of the site design-wise. Also, I’ve shifted most of the happy comments from patients and their people to a new page here. They were making the hospital home page so long that the search engines got cranky! Anyway, I hope you all enjoy them, I’ll get new photos of patients and dolls out later this month, and please do try to visit me in Los Altos, either at the Art and Wine Festival or by appointment at the studio.


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